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Atmospheric stability in clear weather typically alternates diurnally between stable nighttime and unstable daytime conditions, with greatest instability occurring between midmorning and late afternoon (Singer 8,: Smith, 1953; Gifford, 1968).
Given the promising results of the limited NAME 2004 GPS-Met network and the upcoming installation of TLALOCNet, the North American Monsoon GPS Transect Experiment (Transect) 2013 in northwestern Mexico focused on exploring the short-term applications of GPS-Met for atmospheric science research on the mesoscale in a region with significant diurnally forced topographic deep convection.
The diurnally active hawkmoth (Macroglossum stellatarum) is a nectar-feeder.
Use of CRP fields by adult white-tailed deer has been documented seasonally and diurnally for bedding and active periods, with increased use corresponding to rapid vegetative growth in spring and early summer (Gould and Jenkins, 1993).
This pattern was consistent both for diurnally and nocturnally active taxa (Fig.
Previous studies showed that the weevils primarily mate diurnally (Schroeder 1981), and are characterized by size-assortative mating (Harari et al.
Channel whelks have been documented as being less diurnally active than the knobbed whelk (Magalhaes 1948).
fabrilis is nocturnal while its parasitoid is diurnally active, we asked whether the presence of a day-active parasitoid could be an indicator for the presence of populations of a nocturnal, fossorial spider.
Structural and soluble sugar pools are in a constant state of flux, varying diurnally (Smith et al.
Labiatae) is a summer-flowering, Mediterranean shrub whose flowers are diurnally pollinated by nearly 80 species of bees, butterflies, and flies.
Colle and Novak (2010) showed the existence of a diurnally forced LLJ in the New York Bight region that often consisted of winds with speeds in excess of 13 m [s.
Croix River and an adjacent ruler using a Nikon Coolpix 5200 camera with an underwater housing to determine if mantle size of individual mussels changed diurnally.