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The wild fish lingered in the nursery for 3 days after release, and documented movements indicate a bimodal pattern of higher numbers of the wild fish in the nursery during the day than during the night, indicating that the fish were diurnally active (Fig.
If the deposition of striae is controlled diurnally through changes in illumination, changes in seawater temperature, or food supply, then there should be a clear relationship between the duration of the experiment, the number of striae deposited, and the interstria distance.
The evaporation process during daytime is examined, and the behaviour of water vapour near the ground surface related to diurnally repeated evaporation-condensation cycles is explored.
Newspapers, periodicals, and media across the nation diurnally use unidentified sources, but it is rare for a source to be implicated in a court case and even rarer for a confidential source to be indispensable to legal proceedings.
Our results of diurnally varying proANP plasma concentrations but nondiurnal NTproBNP plasma concentrations in healthy individuals seem to conflict with previous findings regarding the production of mRNA in mouse hearts (2).
In diurnally active persons, CRH is released into the hypophyseal portal vein in the form of pulsatile bursts but in a circadian fashion, resulting in ACTH being secreted in an identical temporal pattern, with the amplitude and frequency of ACTH pulses being highest during the late night and morning hours (Fig.
What my Chinese poet may have done diurnally, where he got his food, how he passed his time, I don't know--but I could guess.
However, for a water-storage tank, the return temperature may fluctuate a lot diurnally or seasonally.
A comparative study of germinating responses to diurnally fluctuating temperatures.
Heat tolerance and resistance in juvenile rainbow trout acclimated to diurnally cycling temperatures.
Wasps fuck orchids with more frequency during a particular time of day: in the afternoon, when the sun is high and species that emit fragrance diurnally are most virile.