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The Divagations section gives Schwerner an occasion to ask fundamental questions and to state fundamental premises (of the work and of human being).
Robert Greer Cohn alludes briefly to the faun of "L'Apres-midi d'un faune" in his commentary on "Bucolique" (Mallarme's Divagations 358; 362).
Mallarme expects the same from what he calls, thinking of those prose texts in Divagations peppered with gaps, the "poeme critique" ("Bibliographie," 277).
Il prend sa plume au sujet grandes expositions universelles a la tres internationale Revue des deux mondes, en meme temps qu'il redige la Preface du catalogue de l'exposition Berthe Morisot chez Durand-Ruel, repris dans Divagations.
Bucolique," published in La Revue Blanche in 1895, and later collected as one of the poemes critiques in Divagations, comprises one of these conversations.
Similarly, the "drawing" itself is anything but regular, clean-cut, geometric; instead it more or less continuously divagates as it goes, so that the viewer is invited, almost compelled, to pay those divagations just as much attention (even closer attention) as he or she does the overall configuration made by the "drawing" or, for that matter, the piece as a whole.
Par analogie, on peut postuler que La Jalousie, type de roman un peu deroutant, livre au lecteur novice un semblant de subjectivite en plein delire--soit les divagations incontrolables d'un jaloux qui interprete tout a travers sa passion--alors qu'elle obeit en realite a un schema structurel qui fait etat d'une necessite.
The problem facing any study of 'Mallarme and a subject (art or discipline)' is most succinctly expressed in the poet's own words: 'Les Divagations apparentes traitent un sujet, de pensee, unique.
The handmade quality here is emphasized by the artist's reversal of the knit to its "wrong," or purled, side, revealing divagations in fiber tension that would be much less visible on the smooth, or "right," side of the knit.
Millan gires full details of where each poem has appeared before, and follows the text of Divagations (1897), giving variants as footnotes, and quoting from Mallarme's correspondence where relevant.
This sort of emphasis on the social conditions of the poet's work is present throughout Mallarme's texts, particularly the very texts most often cited in support of the attempt to make Mallarme into a philosopher: the Divagations.
Loosely unified by the common thread of Mallarmean poetics, the two main divisions of Le Sacrifice de la sirene pursue two different objectives--the first part masterfully delivering an aesthetic analysis of Un Coup de des through intricate textual decoding and intertextual associations, and the second segment carving out a social context for Mallarme's ideas from selected readings in Divagations.