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Nevertheless, theropod tracks have generally less divarication than the La Rueda footprints and generally they are asymmetrical (cf.
Additional possible experiments include using fluorescent calcium indicators to visualize active muscle contraction (e.g., Ito et al, 1988) while recording corresponding changes in microscopic tension during divarication of the hook supports (Anazawa et al., 1992).
Digit divarication angle is similar to trackway 1, about 25 degrees.
54-6) may stem from his definition of ~stride' as ~a long step; a step taken with great violence; a wide divarication of the legs'.
A growing divarication between the degree of representative monopoly achieved by central organizations and the extent of their authority resulted in the eventual collapse of central authority.
Ultrasound scan of abdomen was carried out to look for any intra-abdominal pathology and also to look for divarication of recti, especially in females.