diverge from

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Berthier wrote to his Emperor (we know how far commanding officers allow themselves to diverge from the truth in describing the condition of an army) and this is what he said:
Therefore it is necessary for him to have a mind ready to turn itself accordingly as the winds and variations of fortune force it, yet, as I have said above, not to diverge from the good if he can avoid doing so, but, if compelled, then to know how to set about it.
Yet what Jerry did was to diverge from the line of retreat and to start northward, across the bounds of Somo, and continue northward into a strange land of the unknown.
British Brexit minister David Davis said on Sunday Britain's rules and regulations will diverge from those set by the European Union after Brexit because the government "will do things our own way".
That length of the M8/A8 Edinburgh - Greenock Trunk Road, being the newly constructed eastbound carriageway from its diverge from the circulatory carriageway A89 Bargeddie generally southeast to a point directly over the centreline of the A752 Aikenhead Road, a distance of 1.
The 100ft arch structure has a main span of 80ft, achieved through the 'nesting' of five 5 inch diameter pipes that diverge from the spring point of the main span and the abutments.
Dasgupta's stories, however, diverge from those of Chaucer in adopting the fairy-tale genre to enliven the narrative.
With the benefit of extensive archival and field research, Professor Bytwerk reveals that inevitably propagandists come to believe their own distortions while the recipients of their work grown increasingly cynical as the ideologically driven announcements diverge from real world experience and observation.
How far suggested interpretations of current policy can diverge from common sense is shown already by the advice Janet Epp Buckingham gave to an Evangelical clergyman.
Egypt: Child Of Atlantis, A Radical Interpretation Of The Origins Of Civilization is a metaphysical look at the history of Egyptian civilization, that dares to diverge from the common scientific community's theories.
The assumption had long been that state courts are free to interpret their constitutions differently from the federal provisions, even if those interpretations diverge from federal holdings.