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However, the details on when and how they diverged are a matter of intense debate within the anthropological community.
As did at least one other study, they found the ancient wolf diverged from the common ancestor of present-day wolves.
Wallace spent years of harrowing travels in the tropic: Slotten provides coverage of these years, the process leading to his discoveries, then the remaining fifty years in which he diverged from Darwin on several fundamental concepts and pursed topics other scientists avoided, including spiritualism, environmentalism and concepts of life on Mars.
The principle of divergence is well established in the computer industry: printer technology diverged into laser, inkjet and workgroup "species," while personal computing technology diverged into desktop, laptop and handheld branches.
Our lives have diverged. We both have two children and live on other ends of the East Coast, but that hasn't lessened our strong relationship.
Brazilian YFV strains have diverged into two clades; an older clade appears to have become extinct and another has become the dominant lineage in recent years.
The ideas of these three men at first diverged from church authority and then converged at the Second Vatican Council.
The final chapter uses a "comparative perspective" to show how the swing-era criticism of white writers John Hammond and Roger Pryor Dodge resonated with, though in most cases diverged from, the ideas of New Negro thinkers.
At this stage, 60% of student pre-test responses diverged significantly from neutral, with positive and negative divergences roughly equal at 32% and 28%, respectively.
While the president's announcement and the ensuing reaction dominated the headlines, Solicitor General Theodore Olson submitted a set of briefs in the affirmative action case that "diverged substantially from the rhetoric of the president's prime-time statement," wrote New York Tunes legal affairs analyst Linda Greenhouse.
On the third attempt of a nonstandard maneuver, the Seahawk rapidly diverged in yaw, driving the AFGS into an acceleration control mode vice the normal rate control mode.
She shows in the first few chapters how the initial, mistaken assumption of an alliance between humanists and reformers eventually gave way to a recognition of the degree to which the humanist project and the aims of the reformers diverged. This led, by the mid to late 1520's, to a situation where humanists were caught between the lines, their rhetorical approach to truth rejected by defenders of the old order and reformers as an untenable skepticism.