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He then reasoned that humans diverged from the Catarhine stock comprising of humans, anthropoid apes, and Old World monkeys, all having nostrils opening downward and close together and a nonprehensile, often greatly reduced or vestigial tail.
The two species diverged from a common ancestor from 5 million to 7 million years ago and have 95 to 98 percent of their DNA in common, previous research has established.
Wallace spent years of harrowing travels in the tropic: Slotten provides coverage of these years, the process leading to his discoveries, then the remaining fifty years in which he diverged from Darwin on several fundamental concepts and pursed topics other scientists avoided, including spiritualism, environmentalism and concepts of life on Mars.
2% to the homologous NS5/3'NCR region of Peruvian YFV strains (14) and diverged from other Brazilian strains by 6.
The final chapter uses a "comparative perspective" to show how the swing-era criticism of white writers John Hammond and Roger Pryor Dodge resonated with, though in most cases diverged from, the ideas of New Negro thinkers.
The Raiders, however, diverged from their customary all-black uniform, running with white singlets.
We must be talking about and measuring the same thing, and we must put our measurements in historic perspective if we are going to judge how far we have diverged from nature's own norms.