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Although he provides a very strong account of jazz criticism in the 1930s, he might have done a more thorough job of detailing how the work of Hammond and Dodge diverged from or was similar to the cosmopolitan musical visions of Du Bois, Locke, and other black aestheticians.
Each IRT model diverged from equipercentile equating in Physical Sciences, with the one-parameter model most discrepant and the three-parameter model least discrepant.
We must be talking about and measuring the same thing, and we must put our measurements in historic perspective if we are going to judge how far we have diverged from nature's own norms.
"One possibility is there may have been other wolf lineages that these dogs diverged from that then went extinct," he said.
Various parts of the human genome diverged from those of chimps at times that span at least 4 million years, concludes a team led by geneticist David Reich of Harvard Medical School in Boston.
The two species diverged from a common ancestor from 5 million to 7 million years ago and have 95 to 98 percent of their DNA in common, previous research has established.