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divergence of WMS, UWMS and core sand number of particles or agglomerates begins at 70, 100 or 140 sieve sizes increasing with AFS GFN;
The bulk of the divergence was because of lending to the power sector.
Spiders, DNA barcode, genetic distance, divergence.
The P/E divergence indicates the distorting effect monetary policies may have on asset class valuations.
The outcome is likely to be increased divergence between those economies that have built up resilience, like the US and India, and those that are vulnerable to negative shocks, like Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.
In terms of what Allianz-owned PIMCO is thinking about its portfolio holdings, El-Erian says dealing with divergence is the name of the game for the bond shop, as well as for others managing money.
At least a half-dozen cases of linguistic divergence can be found around the world, often resulting from the desire of a national or ethnic group to assert a separate identity.
We will continue to watch the actions of policymakers in the advanced economies as their divergence could create nearterm volatility in our own domestic financial markets," he told reporters on Monday.
Pinhole test results, all samples are in dark type are classified divergence.
Is this divergence a tell-tale sign of pending doom for the equities markets?
He added that the participants in the dialogue will convene, Wednesday, to tackle the divergence points which were not resolved on the level of the consensus commission.
Dureza said convergence happens when two or more groups come together to form a new whole, while divergence is drawing apart due to disagreements and differences of opinions, amoing others.