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Present study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of COI barcode region in identifying common spiders from agro-ecosystems of Punjab, Pakistan and to assess and compare the magnitude of divergence in COI sequences within and between species.
It's not great, but it is understandable news given policy divergence, and divergence is a key word in 2015.
Linguistic divergences may seem odd to speakers of modern English, who are accustomed to hearing an increasingly standardized version of their language come into common use worldwide.
Study of Dashtyari Area Soil divergence, North-East of Chabahar, Adv.
These divergences can last for weeks, months, or even longer.
Find convergence, not divergence, with the MILF peace negotiations.
The purpose of this paper is to show an expressiveness study of linearity and persistence features on the main variant of the [pi]-calculus, A[pi] , considering divergence and convergence as the properties of interest.
Kassem also said that divergences on minor details were very normal in the raltion between any alliance.
Divergence would relish any further rain ahead of the Castell Howell Food Services Handicap at Ffos Las.
To investigation of divergence and evolution of maize BAG Genes, here a total of 13 members for BAG genes were computationally identified in the maize genome.
Instead of discretizing Poisson's equation directly, we solve it in two sequential steps: a) We first find the electric field of interest by a set of tree basis functions whose coefficients can be solved with a fast method in O(N) operations (we call this fast method as fast tree solver in this paper); This field, however, cannot represent the desire field uniquely since the tree basis is not completely curl-free; Then we use a systematic divergence free field removal procedure to retrieve the exact electric field.