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'We hope that existing divergences around Kashmir will be settled bilaterally by political and diplomatic means only on the basis of Simla Agreement of 1972 and Lahore declaration of 1999, in accordance with UN Charter, relevant UN resolutions and bilateral agreements between India and Pakistan,' he added.
Le commandant Sery a regrette que la politique, qui est l'ensemble de strategies pour developper la cite, soit utilisee pour des divergences aggravees donc pour le retardement des regions.
Cette datation indiquait deja en soi que la "divergence" entre sapiens et Neandertal s'etait donc produite avant 400.000 annees.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-April 2, 2019--Indian central bank tweaks bad loan divergence rule
Genetic divergence among 40 cowpea genotypes was quantified by means of integrated multivariate analysis aiming to assist the selection and development of new cultivars.
Barcoding animal life: cytochrome c oxidase 1 divergences among closely related species.
The lexicographers say that the linguistic divergence is widest in technical fields such as medicine and law.
Once a divergence develops, it is important to monitor the following.
Il a adhere au FP depuis octobre 2012, mais s'en est retire en 2013 , apres des divergences entre les deux parties .
Many known divergences can be obtained from this generalized measure by suitably defining the convex function f.
Religion, technology, and the great and little divergences; China and Europe compared, c.
Kassem also said that divergences on minor details were very normal in the raltion between any alliance.