divergent opinions

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We consider the meeting to be a bold move that will usher in a new Kenya, where parties with divergent opinions can come together in the interest of our nation.
The issue of whether to put up a shelter back in the village has attracted divergent opinions across the country's social media sphere after tml" target="_blankDr Bitange Ndemo opined that buildingin the village which you rarely visit is a misplaced investment and therefore 'dead capital'.
There may divergent opinions about anything except for the security of the nation on which there is no room for difference, he said.
The divergent opinions reflect the divide between moderate and radical Islam.
Divergent opinions and conflicting analyses should be tolerated, listened to, and even encouraged.
SIALKOT -- Foreign Minister Khawaja Mohammad Asif on Saturday said divergent opinions of political parties were the hallmark of democracy.
Divergent opinions have been voiced over the Forms that need to be filled by the homebuyers in order to file their claims with the Interim Resolution Professional so appointed in the matter.
We should always show respect for each other, no matter our views on an issue, since the right to hold and express our divergent opinions is the basis of free speech.
Good newspapers provide a forum for divergent opinions and show leadership by serving as a watchdog and a constructive critic for government.
McElwee wrote (rather politely, I thought): "Francis and Trump are known to have divergent opinions on a number of issues," and "The two famously had a somewhat tense exchange in February 2016, while Trump was campaigning to become the Republican Party's nominee.
These divergent opinions can lead to some confusion and hesitancy on the part of pediatricians who may be asked to offer an opinion about the dangers of cannabis use to individual patients and families during this time of public debate.
How could such a place produce such divergent opinions as those of Norman Douglas (rapture) and Graham Greene (indifference)?