divergent opinions

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What a contrast to the carefully choreographed SNP equivalent last month, where divergent opinions were smothered.
Although it is almost certain that Bassil will assume the party's presidency, substantial steps will be taken to try and settle the divergent opinions on the powers of the post.
The question of the surge brought out divergent opinions and, in some cases, outright disparaging remarks against the military from White House advisers and National Security Council staffers.
Not all of our views are held in common, as our divergent opinions about City Hall will attest.
With divergent opinions on this emerging practice and legislation in play, the authors encourage researchers to seek a consensus.
The Syndicate meeting, representing a host of divergent opinions, contrary to past practice, this time met in an atmosphere of cooperation and accommodated divergent views with mutual understanding.
Muslim scholars have divergent opinions on the issue of changing religion, and "jurisprudence in Islam is very broad," allowing for a solution, he said.
This proposal of Nid Tounes President Beji Caid Essebsi is still a subject of divergent opinions between the parties participating in dialogue.
Subject to widely divergent opinions over the years, these works are made available here so that readers can experience them directly and form their own opinions.
The academic dissertation focused also on divergent opinions regarding events in Bahrain and the approach of the British media.
An algorithm creates thousands of socialbots to exert influence or to drown divergent opinions," she says.