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Consequently, it is best for a firm to configure its alliance portfolio divergently to avoid being contested by the formed alliance--coopetition (e.
Although male gonopods evolve rapidly and divergently (Song & Bucheli 2010), speciation may be unaccompanied by change in gonopod morphology.
However, according to the responses of various variables of the model, one unit of shocks in each variable for the logarithm of the rural poverty tends to be constant and in most cases it has been increasing divergently (Graph(2)).
One such example of failing to divergently think about a problem was demonstrated in Iraq from 2004 through 2006.
10) Second, pathologists will need to think divergently, "seeing past [one's] own ideas .
Do they lead learning in ways that make students think divergently and be creative?
The complexity of identifying and describing these modernist uses of the vernacular may occasionally obscure Hart's rather straightforward point: that these poets aim to synthesize vernacular languages drawn from different temporalities and localities, however divergently they define Vernacular' and 'language,'
Various international adjudicatory bodies have interpreted similar jurisdictional consent clauses divergently.
The effort is to converge on mutually agreed points despite divergently stated positions," Khar was quoted, as saying by The Nation.
Vibrio cholerae ToxT independently activates the divergently transcribed aldA and tagA genes.
Some clients can become threatened when they face the prospect of having to use their imaginations, to begin thinking divergently and of becoming more open-minded.