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But these consequences imply when the alliance is formed in the focal firm's industry, and the tension could be minimize by configuring an alliance portfolio divergently.
One such example of failing to divergently think about a problem was demonstrated in Iraq from 2004 through 2006.
10) Second, pathologists will need to think divergently, "seeing past [one's] own ideas .
In a century where the demonstration of competence is dependent on multiple proficiencies for successful teaching performance; an era where learning is approached through lenses which require teachers to think divergently in relation to authentic societal problems; in environments where teacher performance is becoming increasingly determined based on student performance; at a time when the United States is becoming more diverse; and in circumstances where the capacity of academia to individually meet the needs of diverse students remains a central concern, a reconciliation of human sensitivity and intellectual capacity is critical to achieve the balance required for effectiveness and affectivity in multicultural teacher education.
Absent the unlikely enactment of the Patient Safety and Generic Labeling Improvement Act, the success of other not-yet-proposed Congressional action, or the Supreme Court's granting certiorari on a case that clarifies Mensing's scope, courts will likely to continue to divergently apply the doctrine of pre-emption to state law tort claims involving generic pharmaceuticals.
Do they lead learning in ways that make students think divergently and be creative?
The complexity of identifying and describing these modernist uses of the vernacular may occasionally obscure Hart's rather straightforward point: that these poets aim to synthesize vernacular languages drawn from different temporalities and localities, however divergently they define Vernacular' and 'language,'
The effort is to converge on mutually agreed points despite divergently stated positions," Khar was quoted, as saying by The Nation.
Analyses of female reproductive traits in Angus beef cattle divergently selected for blood serum insulin-like growth factor I concentration.
Effect of duration of cold stress on plasma adrenal and thyroid hormone levels and immune responses in chicken lines divergently selected for antibody responses.