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In addition to maintaining high levels of spend with diverse suppliers, PG&E has focused on elevating the quality of its supplier diversity program by addressing key success factors for suppliers.
But although these and other investors have recognized the talent within the diverse manager space and have become proponents for these managers, the total invested with them in many cases represents 10% or less of an investor's total investable assets, according to the report.
There is no better way to show commitment to racial diversity than to have exquisitely qualified racially diverse lawyers handling a very high end meaningful company matter.
Through rigorous recruiting and hiring standards, big firms have hired the best and the brightest diverse lawyers available.
It helped us build a system that will allow our library the flexibility of disseminating diverse geographic information over the Internet.
Those who aspire to major leadership positions in an increasingly diverse society, and certainly all of us who are expected to function as professionals in this type of setting, should find the list a starting point.
We will not be legitimate public policing organizations unless we have the capacity to communicate with and understand the diverse people who now call our country home.
We recognize that having a diverse crew is essential to our company's long-term business success.
If one was to take a closer look at the politics of many evangelical leaders today, one would find that they are much more diverse than initially thought.
But the desire to foster an inclusive corporate culture and a diverse work force is just the first of many steps necessary to achieving diversity goals.
Is it essential to you to live and work in a diverse workplace?
Teacher preparation programs that strive to meet the needs of their public school systems and communities face increased pressure by accrediting bodies to infuse multicultural, diverse, and practical experiences throughout the curriculum (Conderman, 2003).