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That arsenal is unequivocally diverse and effective in improving the survival of the plant, but faces continual challenges from herbivore counterstrategies.
1) This issue focuses on the development of services to a diverse population and the efforts to recruit a diverse workforce as reflected by the efforts of members of the American Library Association.
In order to truly address the real issues, the focus must go beyond the policy changes that lead to the presence or representation of diverse cultures in educational institutions and the resultant strategies that were aimed at the overt racism of the past.
Living in an economically diverse neighborhood means living with more crime.
Interestingly, none of the respondents under the Program Manager/Director (n=17) position title were reported as being members of a culturally diverse group, as defined in the survey (African-American, Asian-American, Native American, Hispanic-American).
Lotte Hellinga's account of the importation into Britain of books printed on the continent provides data on the changing patterns of exports from diverse European lands and on the diverse British markets for Latin and vernacular works.
The new office will further strengthen our ability to meet the financial needs of local individuals, investors and companies," said Robert Dillon, COO, Diverse Financial.
In 2013, SDG&E set a new record level of spending with diverse suppliers," said Jeff Martin, CEO of SDG&E.
When we talk about diversity, it isn't just about equal opportunity, it isn't just about bringing in the best talent in a broad diverse marketplace, but it's what you do when you get there.
Glendale is an incredibly complex and diverse school district, and with all the preparation I've had in various administrative and teaching positions, I'll be well prepared to address challenges in the district for the next several years.
The role of "equal and active partner" may be a foreign concept to some of our families from diverse cultural backgrounds (Correa & Tulbert, 1993).