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A turning aside or altering of the natural course or route of a thing. The term is chiefly applied to the unauthorized change or alteration of a water course to the prejudice of a lower riparian, or to the unauthorized use of funds.

A program for the disposition of a criminal charge without a criminal trial; sometimes called operation de nova, intervention, or deferred prosecution.

The disposition is conditional on the defendant's performing certain tasks or participating in a treatment program. If the conditions are successfully completed, the charge is dismissed. But if the accused does not meet his or her obligations, prosecution may be instituted.


Riparian Rights.


n. in criminal procedure, a system for giving a chance for a first time criminal defendant in lesser crimes to perform community service, make restitution for damage due to the crime, obtain treatment for alcohol or drug problems and/or counselling for antisocial or mentally unstable conduct. If the defendant cooperates and the diversion results in progress, the charges eventually may be dismissed. Diversion may not be granted for a second offense. (See: probation)

See: decoy, detour, deviation, digression, enjoyment, misappropriation, misusage, treat
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The role of diversional activities in the general medical hospital setting.
Their identity as diversional therapists is shown in their starched white uniforms and their white stockings, shoes and cap, which they appear to wear with pride (see Figure 2).
A Diversional therapist or Activities coordinator recognizes and facilitates the recreation, leisure, and pleasure activities of the patients, especially the elders.
Until recreational therapy practitioners are able to differentiate between diversional recreation, developmental recreation, and recreation as therapy, the confusion will continue.
The first factor seems to be associated with (1) hedonic shopping motives and leisure, since it comprehends experiential and diversional shopping values on the positive scale and a negative factor loading for "a store visit is good when it is over very quickly.
Personal needs include hygiene, comfort, rest, sleep, diversional therapy, and teaching.
The sample was small (N = 52) and may be biased toward visitors with an affinity for outdoor activities or diversional activities in general.
The aerobics sessions are now held around twice a week with diversional therapist Carole, after being initially organised by care home administrator Julie Forster.
De la misma manera que el topico de la ignorancia aparece como una representacion social que la mujer comparte con el grupo de los jovenes, el topico de la diversional se comparte con el grupo de los ninos y de los jovenes.
Schneider reported that she also has her patients sign a contract with her, in which they attest they will not engage in illegal or diversional activity and will take their medication in a responsible manner.
Acknowledgements are given to Gaye Kop and Gillian Watson, Diversional Therapists, for their invaluable contributions to this study, without which the project could not have been completed.
Similarly, opportunities for spiritual renewal and diversional activities also were effective mechanisms for combating stress and promoting empowerment.