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A turning aside or altering of the natural course or route of a thing. The term is chiefly applied to the unauthorized change or alteration of a water course to the prejudice of a lower riparian, or to the unauthorized use of funds.

A program for the disposition of a criminal charge without a criminal trial; sometimes called operation de nova, intervention, or deferred prosecution.

The disposition is conditional on the defendant's performing certain tasks or participating in a treatment program. If the conditions are successfully completed, the charge is dismissed. But if the accused does not meet his or her obligations, prosecution may be instituted.


Riparian Rights.

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n. in criminal procedure, a system for giving a chance for a first time criminal defendant in lesser crimes to perform community service, make restitution for damage due to the crime, obtain treatment for alcohol or drug problems and/or counselling for antisocial or mentally unstable conduct. If the defendant cooperates and the diversion results in progress, the charges eventually may be dismissed. Diversion may not be granted for a second offense. (See: probation)

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Addressing the media, Mayawati said, "BJP governments in states and in the Centre are trying to hide their failures by diversionary tactics.
* Diversionary feeding did not change the bears' preference for wild food.
"Now, after failing in their attempts in the UN and international chemical weapons watchdog this week and with the victims' condition improving, they seem to be pursuing a different diversionary tactic.
India had always used diversionary tactics whenever the issue of Kashmir had been raised globally, she said.
and Iran to use their rivalry for diversionary purposes from 1990 to 2004.
People want to make it diversionary for us to lose focus.
Caption: The ALS TRMR-LE is a reusable, hand-deployed diversionary device that antiquates older flash bangs and grenade designs.
The annual awards recognise successful community projects that reduce crime and transform lives while celebrating best practice in diversionary work and champion work in the community that challenges and changes people for the better whether it be with children, women, mental health programmes or restorative justice.
All stops on the diversionary route will be observed.
Because of its scalability, companies of all sizes can access this critical supply chain data and work directly with authorities and investigators if the app flags any data anomalies or possible diversionary tactics.
San Diego, CA, May 16, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Bringing together two notable local actors and North Coast Rep's Artistic Director to direct the World Premiere of Withering Heights at the Diversionary Theatre from June 11 to July 9.
A traffic management plan has been put in place using feedback from the community and motorists who used the diversionary route last weekend.