diversity of opinion

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This diversity of opinion, on a subject of which one would think none of us very well qualified to be judges, was owing to a circumstance of such every-day occurrence as almost to supersede the necessity of telling it, though the narrative would be rendered more complete by an explanation.
The consequence of this desultory kind of priesthood was, as we have already intimated, a great diversity of opinion on the more abstruse points of faith.
Come," cried the inspector, laughing; "it's a very pretty diversity of opinion.
There is a wide diversity of opinion on when and if one company "controls" another and how FASB should respond to renewed pressure to create standards that will improve financial reporting and provide CPAs with better guidance.
Trust and respect for diversity of opinion are the stable underpinnings of any democratic institution and, even more so, of legislative bodies such as the Congress.
In the question-and-answer session, however, there was a diversity of opinion expressed on the central issues.
ESWTR deserves high marks for its inclusivity, emphasis on diversity of opinion, and efforts to bring readers information from different cultures - e.
If a few large publishers and national bookstore chains dominate the market, the public cannot find the diversity of opinion that the Library Bill of Rights invites.
At times the diversity of opinion seemed to mirror the very diversity of the marine life we were discussing
Haiman, a professor of communication studies at Northwestern University and a vice president of the ACLU, recognizes that this sort of reasoning threatens the distinction between word and deed that underlies the liberal tolerance for diversity of opinion.
While we concur that the study should proceed, we must acknowledge a diversity of opinion within our membership concerning specific provisions of the GST and its possible alternatives.
When I became editor] I brought in extra people, like Lawrence Alloway, for diversity of opinion, and invited a number of these critics to become contributing editors, to advice me, and to write about whatever they wanted to write about.

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