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3-way diverting and 3-way mixing diverting valves that weigh about 12 grams in stainless steel.
This meant giving up on some key aspects of the program, such as setting an initial goal of diverting 50 percent of debris from landfill.
And who pays for the costs involved in diverting a flight?
The city has concentrated on recycling and diverting solid waste generated by residents and businesses to achieve its 66 percent diversion rate.
The Breaux Act paved the way, but billions of federal dollars will be needed for the massive project of diverting this great river.
Hoffman, the Twin-Outlet Diverting Rotary Valve works like any standard rotary valve, but with its two outlets, solids can be directed to either outlet simply by reversing direction of the rotor.
For many in the grocery business, the word diverting conjures up a mental image of unsavory characters, dark and dusty offices and backdoor deals.
Thus, there are reduced incentives for forward buying and diverting, with considerable benefits for logistical smoothing.
And throughout the world, cities are diverting irrigation water to slake the thirst of their growing masses.
The ProSort 100 family of sorters--offered with dual-sided positive diverts from left- or right-hand sides--is ideal for high speed diverting in e-commerce and parcel operations.