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A mixing diverting valve, which allows either port to be individually selected or both ports to be simultaneously selected with no shut-off.
The city has concentrated on recycling and diverting solid waste generated by residents and businesses to achieve its 66 percent diversion rate.
The Breaux Act paved the way, but billions of federal dollars will be needed for the massive project of diverting this great river.
Hoffman, the Twin-Outlet Diverting Rotary Valve works like any standard rotary valve, but with its two outlets, solids can be directed to either outlet simply by reversing direction of the rotor.
For many in the grocery business, the word diverting conjures up a mental image of unsavory characters, dark and dusty offices and backdoor deals.
Thus, there are reduced incentives for forward buying and diverting, with considerable benefits for logistical smoothing.
The ProSort 100 family of sorters--offered with dual-sided positive diverts from left- or right-hand sides--is ideal for high speed diverting in e-commerce and parcel operations.
When a load requires diverting, the control logic simultaneously rotates and increases the speed of all the steerable wheels to accomplish a 30-degree angle divert.
In conclusion, the efforts of SNL/NM have been diverse but focused on diverting as much C&D materials as possible.
The incident follows the diverting to Stansted airport on Sunday of a New York-bound Olympic Airways plane after a different Athens newspaper received a bomb warning.
The jurisdiction should determine which types of C&D debris generators account for most of the weight generated and which have reasonable means of diverting the debris generated.
The city of Lancaster met the state mandate, diverting 52 percent of its waste stream, according to state officials.