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Early this month Governor Mike Sonko announced a Sh300,000 cash reward for anyone who will help the Nairobi City County Government identify those behind the water cartels, many of them accused of diverting the commodity to private vendors by disconnecting water pipes in Nairobi estates.
The decision process that ultimately led to diverting was based on "gouge" that an aircraft must divert if its hook point comes into contact with anything other than the flight deck.
In addition, hospitals must undertake actions, such as cancelling elective surgeries, before even considering diverting patients to another hospital.
* 3-way diverting and 3-way mixing diverting valves that weigh about 12 grams in stainless steel.
This meant giving up on some key aspects of the program, such as setting an initial goal of diverting 50 percent of debris from landfill.
And who pays for the costs involved in diverting a flight?
The incident follows the diverting to Stansted airport in Essex on Sunday of a New York-bound Olympic Airways plane after a different Athens newspaper received a bomb warning.
The City of Thousand Oaks, Calif., has been honored by the California Integrated Waste Management Board for diverting nearly two-thirds of its solid waste from the landfill.
The flight, carrying 233 passengers, was 30 minutes into the journey when the pilot announced that he was diverting to Manchester, UK.
Nothing short of diverting the flow of the Mississippi River can sustain this invaluable ecosystem.
has introduced its Twin Outlet Diverting Rotary Valve, which, the company says, is ideal for feeding and diverting the flow of tea leaf, whole coffee bean, freeze and spray dried coffee, sugar, flavorings, and other dry materials used in processing of fine tea and coffee.
The time has come to shed some light on the myths surrounding diverting.