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To deprive or take away.

Divest is usually used in reference to the relinquishment of authority, power, property, or title. If, for example, an individual is disinherited, he or she is divested of the right to inherit money. Similarly, an individual may be divested of his or her citizenship for Treason.

Divest is also spelled devest.


verb attach, confiscate, depose, deprive, discharge, disendow, disentitle, dislodge, displace, dispossess, disrobe, disseize, distrain, drive out, evict, expel, expropriate, forfeit, lay bare, lay open, oust, reduce, relieve, remove, seize, strip, take away, uncover, unseat
Associated concepts: divesting of title, divestiture of rights
See also: adeem, confiscate, demote, denude, depose, deprive, despoil, diminish, disinherit, disown, dispossess, distrain, eject, eliminate, evict, excise, expose, levy, plunder, remove, unveil


to take away an estate or interest in property vested in a person. See VESTING.
References in classic literature ?
At length he fell into that state of partial unconsciousness, in which the mind wanders uneasily from scene to scene, and from place to place, without the control of reason, but still without being able to divest itself of an indescribable sense of present suffering.
Freed of these encumbrances, he went on to divest himself of his other clothing, which he folded up, piece by piece, and ranged in order on the trunk.
Sometimes he takes the she with him and high among the branches divests her of the things he wishes to bring home to Meriem.
30, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Amid the rapidly growing global divestment movement, the University of Dayton, the first Catholic university to divest from fossil fuels, will hold a Nov.
Global Banking News-March 24, 2015--PwC says European banks could divest non-core loans
As per the condition, Sun Pharma will have to divest all products containing tamsulosin and tolterodine, currently marketed and supplied under the Tamlet brand.
dozen cities throughout the United States demanding that theretirement giant TI-CREF divest from companies supporting the illegal Israeli military occupation
No court shall order divestment from the Custodian or direct the Central Government to divest enemy property.
Arnold Schwarzenegger said Monday that he intends to sign a bill requiring the state's pension funds to divest from companies that do business with the country's energy and defense sectors.
including the University of California, Brown, Amherst, and Princeton, are choosing to divest from companies with ties to Sudan.
When this is no longer possible, it is time to divest.
based wholesale insurance broker, and still plans to divest Cananwill, its premium finance arm.