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On the other hand, momentum generated in the sanctions and campus divestment campaigns did not get converted to a broader progressive anti-racist movement focused on local or national issues, in part because the focus on short-term goals was often combined with a reluctance to get into the deeper, more complicated issues of racial tensions in local and national contexts.
If, however, the divestment strategy was crucial to the advance of the campus antiapartheid movement, it was also central to its retreat.
A cleaner environment and more secure financial future'' are goals we all share, and divestment moves us closer to achieving both.
The move would help the bank achieve its divestment target of EUR10bn of international loans.
According to AMN's CEO Susan Salka, the divestment will enable an increased focus on the healthcare workforce solutions of the firm.
We think targeted divestment is more effective because it maximizes the impact on the Sudanese government while minimizing any potential impact on civilians and fiduciaries," says Millenson.
Nidal Abu Zuluf, assistant director of the East Jerusalem YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) branch in Beit Sahour near Bethlehem, said that sanctions and boycotts, in addition to divestment, are "a strategy that will make a difference" because they involve governments and individuals, not just churches.
more publication paper production will also go as the Wolfsheck Mill in Germany is up for divestment
The 1985-86 academic year was a good one for the campus divestment movement.
Numerous reports conclude that fossil fuel divestment is a costly and ineffective endeavor for universities and pension funds to undertake, but little research has calculated how this impact affects the people that matter most: students, faculty, and retirees.