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The common complaint among this group was that divestments were more complicated, yet did not receive the same attention from the business as acquisitions.
Forty-six percent of executives initiated their most recent divestment because the assets were not part of their core business.
another 280,000 metric tons/yr of woodfree coated capacity will also go with the divestment of the Grycksbo mill in Sweden
Ateek spoke of how North American churches had used divestment in the 1970s and '80s as part of a successful campaign to end apartheid in South Africa.
SCA completed two major company deals in 2012 - the acquisition of Georgia-Pacific's European tissue operations and the divestment of our packaging operations, excluding the two kraftliner mills in Sweden.
The OFT expects it to have the ability to compete and grow over time and has not recommended any changes to the current divestment plan.
Total digital sales remained at the preceding year's level despite the divestment of broadband operations in June.
The report highlights that divestment of producing assets is a key reason for reduced output of oil and gas majors in Q3 2012.
The Coral Gables sale follows on the heels of the March 2006 divestment of American Ventures' Brickell Office Tower in Miami.
ALLA Moller AB has, through divestment of the subsidiary ALLA Moller Holding AB, indirectly divested 1,600,000 Series A shares and 5,268,000 Series B shares in Mekonomen.
The ratings reflect Winterthur Group's recovering capitalisation driven by stabilisation and retention of earnings, despite the pressure on life business margins in core markets after almost completing its divestment programme.