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To deprive or take away.

Divest is usually used in reference to the relinquishment of authority, power, property, or title. If, for example, an individual is disinherited, he or she is divested of the right to inherit money. Similarly, an individual may be divested of his or her citizenship for Treason.

Divest is also spelled devest.


verb attach, confiscate, depose, deprive, discharge, disendow, disentitle, dislodge, displace, dispossess, disrobe, disseize, distrain, drive out, evict, expel, expropriate, forfeit, lay bare, lay open, oust, reduce, relieve, remove, seize, strip, take away, uncover, unseat
Associated concepts: divesting of title, divestiture of rights
See also: adeem, confiscate, demote, denude, depose, deprive, despoil, diminish, disinherit, disown, dispossess, distrain, eject, eliminate, evict, excise, expose, levy, plunder, remove, unveil


to take away an estate or interest in property vested in a person. See VESTING.
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Property company Victoria Park AB (STO:VICPA) announced on Friday the signing of an agreement to divest its lifestyle property segment to a company operated by the event manager Bengt Martensson and the registered estate agent Angela Kingberg.
Cullinane said that to divest would mean to walk away.
Danish telecomms operator TDC A/S said on Thursday (16 December) that its German subsidiary Talkline Management & Finance Holding GmbH had concluded an agreement to divest its value added services provider Talkline ID to the German company Freenet.
The asset manager has been able to opportunistically divest of some assets in order to pay down the senior secured revolving credit facility, which is evidenced by the outstanding amount decreasing from $221,000,000 as of the Nov.
10 August 2015 - UK-based biomedical and healthcare technology group NetScientific plc (AIM: NSCI) has started to divest certain projects that fall outside of its core areas of focus, the company said.