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* Given formula [phi](x,y) in L(B), some parameter c [member of] M and some A, we say that [phi](x, c) divides over A if there is a (A [union] B)-indiscernible sequence <[c.sub.i]> with c = [c.sub.0] such that
A spokesman for Google, whose venture capital unit led the most recent financing round to Divide, did not wish to comment on the terms of the deal, the news agency said.
Young, newly planted grasses also hate sitting in the wet, heavy soil that so often prevails in winter, so don''t divide them until spring.
By next season, you should have an abundance of new plants if you lift and divide them in autumn or spring.
(If clumps are too large or heavy to move, divide them where they are.)
Recent reports claim that more affordable laptops, more computers in public schools and libraries and new cell phones and hand-held devices that connect to the Internet have contributed to closing the digital divide, according to The New York times.
While the racial/ cultural divide is always in the background, the action of the novel encompasses familiar and popular YA themes: new girl in school; romantic love; undue interference of a parent in a teen's life; jealousy of Jeff's former girlfriend; young Portia's awkward adjustments to middle school and first boyfriends.
This split formed two separate zygotes, which began to divide side by side.
GET THE LOOK Divide damp hair into four sections, securing each with a clip.
His use of inclusive language (though not for God), his concern that the church has fallen short in erasing the divide between male and female (Gal 3:28), and his concern for justice issues suggest progressiveness.
However, the strength of this book is his analysis of the social and economic relations in the South beyond the master-slave divide. Martin brilliantly shows that the system of slavery contained the elements for its own undoing through the triangular relationship between owners, hirers, and slaves and the divided mastery that hiring practices required.