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Cut down the foliage of evergreen grasses in spring and divide them, while bamboo stems can be cut down to 30cm (12in).
TOP TIPS TO DIVIDE AND RULE IN YOUR GARDEN, BY HANNAH STEPHENSON; Dividing is an easy way to boost stocks of perennials like echinacea and bearded irises (inset)
Because the Digital Citizenship course fundamentally focused on the digital divide, responses for equality and social justice, appearing under the positive values asset category, were coded separately.
Hwang used the cells to create a stem cell line, or a group of cells genetically identical to each other that would continue to grow and divide forever.
Based on that information, the court then divides the assets and decides the amount and duration of support, if any.
Their 1993 Last Call at Maud's and 1997 Pride Divide have recently been released on the digital medium, and the two documentaries are as relevant as when they first appeared.
Samuelson declared the idea of a static digital divide "largely fiction.
To carry out this vision, SEIU launched a program to help working families bridge the digital divide--by increasing access to computers, Internet service, and training--and to bridge the information divide, by providing local unions with the content, training, and technology to make resources for working people available online.
Since the Internet bubble burst, many firms no longer have the resources to focus on bridging the divide.
Q: Question 2-29 in the new HCFA (CMS) Q&As says that we should divide the week's total IV fluid by 7, even if the fluids were administered for fewer than 7 days in the assessment period.
Both involve complex networks that span corporate, governmental, and nonprofit worlds and represent long-term commitments, a reflection of the scope of the digital divide, and the challenge, and opportunities, it presents.