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The best time to divide plants is autumn, when they are dormant, and spring, when they are just including bamboos should be divided in early spring, while perennials which flower in spring and early summer, such as lily-of-the-valley, epimediums and rhizomatous bearded irises, should be divided as soon as they have finished flowering.
Flycorn, the Tom Hogan-trained winner of the first leg of a divided 2m hurdle was entered for a race worth EUR7,500 five days earlier but when the race was divided the prize fund was reduced from the original advertised value to EUR5,250.
The Mediterranean island has been divided between a Turkish northern part and a Greek southern part since 1974.
3 : something given out or delivered to or divided among
Asters should be split into single, rooted shoots, while primulas should be divided into rosettes and sisyrinchiums into single, rooted fans.
Perennials which flower in spring and early summer, including epimediums, lily-of-the-valley and rhizomatous bearded irises, should be divided immediately after they have finished flowering.
containers needed--Ounces needed divided by ounces in one container
Divided government appears to be an important constraint on American participation in war.
These mere 900 pages are divided into four sections: God's Order; God's Servant; God's People; and God's Way.
Divided Mastery: Slave Hiring in the American South.
A number of questions remain unanswered, including: (1) is Issing's position considered exclusively a German seat on the ECB Council; and (2) will Issing's replacement automatically take over the research department, or will that department's responsibilities be divided among several council members?
Debt service coverage ratio, which is EBITDA divided by annual principal and interest payments.