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All this should not be considered to be a relativization of the problematic character of the dividedness of the church, something of which Kuyper has been accused.
case is interesting with respect to that nation's dividedness on whether SRSS (and CSR in general) are worthwhile business endeavors.
She calls it a type of dividedness (Gespaltenheit) that grew out of her socialization:
The poem will be sensitive thanks to its emotional complexity and dividedness rather than through its adherence to period style mannerisms and pc posturings.
29) In this context the only emergent universality is that of fracture, dividedness unto and within even the godhead, which cuts such divisions as Jew-Greek and God-man crosswise, undermining the oppositional identities they might authorize.
that has been written about what occurs when alters yield dividedness.
The Archbishop said: "Meeting, as we do, as bishops of separated church communities, we must all feel that each of our own ministries is made less by the fact of our dividedness, a very real but imperfect communion.
906-908) limit the concept of dissociation to structural dividedness of the personality.
Dividedness within us brings division in our relationship.
The dividedness of identity constitutes a field of tension and anxiety from the latters' perspective, whereas Saba's work shows the joyful playfulness of a multiple identity, accepted as incongruous as it is.
This dividedness reaches its shrill apogee towards the end of the memoir, where Lawrence contemplates Magnus's act of suicide, a desperate attempt to evade his creditors.