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On the eighteenth the directors meet, and, instead of the customary dividend, a double dividend will be declared.
All you have to do is buy, buy, buy, and keep on buying to the last stroke, when the directors declare the double dividend.
Now about that double dividend on the eighteenth-" John Dowsett drew a slip of paper from his note-book and adjusted his glasses.
And on the eighteenth, when that dividend was declared, he chuckled at the confusion that would inevitably descend upon the men with the sharpened shears waiting to trim him--him, Burning Daylight.
Consider what we have done to get our rents in Ireland and Scotland, and our dividends in Egypt, if you have already forgotten my photographs and their lesson in our atrocities at home.
I'll stop in the old place, and I'll serve under Wakem, and I'll serve him like an honest man; there's no Tulliver but what's honest, mind that, Tom,"--here his voice rose,--"they'll have it to throw up against me as I paid a dividend, but it wasn't my fault; it was because there's raskills in the world.
In affirming a district court decision, the Ninth Circuit concluded that payments in redemption of stock held by an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) and used to make distributions to terminating ESOP participants, were deductible as dividends under Sec.
24402 deduction because the dividends were not in the measure of tax as provided by Sec.
surprised shareholders, analysts, and other industry vendors with a late Christmas gift: dividends.
At first glance, dividends would appear to be diminishing in importance among U.
Dividends are essentially a company's agreement to pay you--usually each quarter--a sum of money for each share you own.
65-17 provides the option of either offsetting dividends or repatriating cash to satisfy the receivable created by the section 482 adjustment.