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The SEIU Locals Online program helps working families communicate and bridge the information divide by providing every local union with the ability to create an effective Web site that is free and easy to maintain.
Example 6: ABCD Partnership, an equal partnership, divides into AB and CD Partnerships (neither being a continuation of ABCD), by contributing all assets and liabilities to AB and CD, then distributing all AB and CD interests received to its partners in liquidation of ABCD.
Kuttan founded CyberLearning in 1994, and has since built it into the world's leading global non-profit bridging the digital divide through digital education.
For the winner, the challenge is even greater - bridging the divide with real action and not just platitudes.
Additionally, with regard to the state's emerging digital divide, we need the public- and private-sectors to determine if inadequate access to digital telecommunications services worsens existing socioeconomic disparities.
The tool features a data panel that allows designers to alter loop bandwidths, change charge pump currents, set divide ratios, adjust delays, and choose output drivers.
By forcing cells to make the enzyme, investigators have bestowed upon them a seemingly infinite capacity to divide.
Dixon-Davis is proposing a split that divides the Valley by clusters - a system that organizes the district by its school feeder patterns.
The ability to divide properly may be the most important skill that cells possess.
Others integrate genes into a cell's DNA only when the cell divides and the nuclear membrane around the chromosomes breaks up.
Written by sociologist Wenhong Chen and GCAB member Professor Barry Wellman, both with the Centre for Urban and Community Studies at the University of Toronto, Charting and Bridging Digital Divides presents a framework for understanding the digital divide in terms of factors such as socio-economic status, gender, age, ethnicity, geographic location and Internet access and use.
Furthermore, the evidence indicates that many cancers keep growing because tumor cells renew production of telomerase, which stabilizes telomere length and allows the malignant cell to divide indefinitely.