dividing line

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The original driveway was the dividing line for Kirklees/Calderdale.
Social Security Secretary Alistair Darling said: "This card sets out the dividing lines between us and the Conservative Party during the election.
A South Pole experiment known as Python takes advantage of the 3'millimeter dividing line.
Instead, Mr Cruddas recognises the dividing line in politics should be with Labour on the side of ordinary people, fighting for fairness and social justice.
At least we now know what the dividing line is in Edgbaston - Ms Stuart is on the ball and speaks up for her constituents, while Mrs Alden is evidently totally out of touch
The 140-acre ranch offers a large farm plot filled with onions, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, basil and parsley, with a dividing line of pumpkins growing down the middle to accommodate at least 10 groups a day hoping for a glimpse of farm life during one of Joann's educational tours.
There is such a thin dividing line between success and failure in sport nowadays,' said JPR, who many regard as the best player ever to pull on a number 15 shirt.
It's as full of life as its main character, always probing the dividing line between the art of nature and the nature of art.
In fact, Keevak clearly sees Malone's edition of the Sonnets as a dividing line in the history he recounts.
The dividing line between love and hate is exceptionally narrow.
Since the dividing line between fine arts and visual culture has been breached, there is no longer a position outside of the omnipresent information society--inside is outside and vice versa.
Eventually, the Communists were driven back to the 38th parallel-the original dividing line.