dividing line

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The original driveway was the dividing line for Kirklees/Calderdale.
He added: "That dividing line is one that isn't relevant for us as individuals any more and it isn't helpful for the party and I think it would be damaging for Scotland as well to obsessively focus on that dividing line for the future.
The question of what is the dividing line, at least dollar-wise, between the two is an interesting one, since business brokers tend to attempt to sell whatever theyre comfortable with and place very few restrictions on themselves.
Likewise a dividing line cuts through the Islamist opposition: the extremist Neo-Salafi group remains set on a fight to the finish, while the less radical Front Islamique du Salut (FIS) and the more moderate Islamists reject the Neo-Salafi tactics.
If drawing was the genesis of Gatten's Secret History of the Dividing Line, A True Account in Nine Parts (1996-), bibliophilia has been the passion sustaining it.
The area, which many people consider the dividing line between Williamsburg and Greenpoint, is quickly becoming a hotbed of residential development.
The pursuit and actualization of true justice and equality would erase the dividing line and the reason for these organizations.
Notice the heavy black line above Gross profit: That's the dividing line between cells always in view (above the line) and those that disappear when you move the cursor down.
In August, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center opened on the banks of the Ohio River, once the dividing line between the slaveholding South and the free North.
It was so undesirable that residents of the tony Back Bay area built a fence along the dividing line between the two neighborhoods.
Caesar was marching his army from outside the Roman boundry and into Italy when he reached the Rubicon, which served as the dividing line.
Tolkien, an Oxford professor who specialized in medieval literatures, clearly drew upon a rich literary tradition to the point "that there exists almost a dividing line between fantasy written before Tolkien and fantasy written afterward.