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The question of what is the dividing line, at least dollar-wise, between the two is an interesting one, since business brokers tend to attempt to sell whatever theyre comfortable with and place very few restrictions on themselves.
This confirmation tradition places individual knowledge and commitment above corporate prayer and the sacraments and leads to determining confessional identity, to use Harnoncourt's phrase, "by setting dividing lines.
Although racial dividing lines are, ultimately, political, researchers who submit proposals to the NIH must demonstrate, using Census categories, that their participants will represent the diversity of the U.
Earlier, Blair rallied his MPs, telling them: "The most important dividing line is the economy.
The importance of the distinction is easily overlooked if society doesn't see individual rights as crucial dividing lines anyway.
But, as IDATE's President, Francis Lorentz pointed out in his opening remarks, 'it is no longer question of wondering whether the dividing lines between internet, telecom and media companies will shift,' but rather of, 'which business models are likely to enable the ICT industry to sustain a lasting momentum of growth and innovation, and how the different players, including public powers, will be involved in this shift.
Director of Research at the International Boundaries Research Unit, Martin Pratt said: "The map is the most precise depiction yet of the limits and the future dividing lines that could be drawn across the Arctic region.
Here margins are so tight, dividing lines so thin, that the Government feels it must pander to its rivals' supporters.
However, for understanding and explaining both differences and similarities, what is illuminating is the theoretical connection between processes of integration between states, classes, sexes and generations, including inherent integration conflicts, and changes in the dominant social and psychic dividing lines, including those between formal and informal, public and private.
GTx represents an exclusive and unprecedented opportunity for participants to shape the future of technology business development by removing the dividing lines between disciplines.
My keynote address to the OAUG will provide some insightful tips on how companies can eliminate the dividing lines in communication between IT and management so that they too can fulfill their potential.
As film-to-digital and digital-to-film technologies evolve, dividing lines between the industries are blurring or disappearing," said Michael Nier, executive vice president of PIMA.