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It is time for the Azeri authorities to stop their unpromising efforts to create new dividing lines with the sole purpose to
Others ask - where is the dividing line between the two?
This confirmation tradition places individual knowledge and commitment above corporate prayer and the sacraments and leads to determining confessional identity, to use Harnoncourt's phrase, "by setting dividing lines.
Although racial dividing lines are, ultimately, political, researchers who submit proposals to the NIH must demonstrate, using Census categories, that their participants will represent the diversity of the U.
Social Security Secretary Alistair Darling said: "This card sets out the dividing lines between us and the Conservative Party during the election.
We make sure we have dividing lines between all three of those.
Court records enable Sidbury to elucidate emergent structures from heart rending cases where disputes and jury verdicts, subtly interpreted, yield great insight into harsh but inconsistent norms operating both between and within the racial groups and across the dividing lines of gender, class, and race.
stand-by-your-man Democrats, dividing lines on Zippergate don't necessarily follow party lines.
The importance of the distinction is easily overlooked if society doesn't see individual rights as crucial dividing lines anyway.
GTx represents an exclusive and unprecedented opportunity for participants to shape the future of technology business development by removing the dividing lines between disciplines.
Director of Research at the International Boundaries Research Unit, Martin Pratt said: "The map is the most precise depiction yet of the limits and the future dividing lines that could be drawn across the Arctic region.