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Mr Corbyn's passionate speech to an audience of Labour activists and journalists was an unashamedly left-wing pitch which will delight his supporters and draw a clear dividing line with the Tories.
According to the above method, the vehicle group situation of the dividing lines 2-1, 9-8, and 12-11 could be reconstructed.
Chavez championed a socialist model that gained him widespread support among the poor but drove a dividing line between the working classes and the elite, from whom Chavez seized land for redistribution to the poor.
"It is time for the Azeri authorities to stop their unpromising efforts to create new dividing lines with the sole purpose to
Others ask - where is the dividing line between the two?
Summary: NEW YORK (Cihan)-Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said a wall that cuts off one fifth of our territory -- "a wall that once again divides Europe from itself, creating new lines of repression and fear: artificial dividing lines inside the internationally recognized borders of a European nation.
BRIDGEND AM Carwyn Jones, widely tipped as a future First Minister, last night told Labour supporters the party needs clear dividing lines from the Conservatives but must do more than hark back to the days of Margaret Thatcher.
In comparison to the debate which led to the adoption of the 2007-2013 budget, "the dividing lines are not fundamentally different".
While the dividing lines between the first four may be blurred, the last stands clearly apart as a different sort of a role.
Iraq does not have a neat set of ethnic dividing lines. Thus any effort to divide the country would require widespread "relocations." This would probably be violent and impoverish those forced to move, leave a legacy of fear and hatred, and further delay Iraq's political and economic recovery.
"There is, therefore, a greatly expanded constituency for Labour's politics and much less interest in the traditional civil war dividing lines.
Inspired by Dante's meditations on Paradise, the result is an elemental sampler of robustly drawn lightning bolts, dividing lines, flower heads, bird heads, stairs, stars, circles, humps, explosions, keys, and crosses.