dividing point

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The mouth of this river is established as the dividing point between the upper and lower Missouri; and the earlier voyagers, in their toilsome ascent, before the introduction of steamboats, considered one-half of their labors accomplished when they reached this place.
The area is unique in that the natural lay of the land, known as the Abitibi-Temiscamingue region, has a dividing point where some rivers flow south towards the Ottawa and St.
Horizon - Earthquake Storms (BBC2 Wales, 9pm) Istanbul, that city which lies at the dividing point of east and west and one of the great cities of the world, will one day be hit by a major natural disaster.
The consumer confidence index published by Grupo Reforma vacillated from slightly above to slightly below a rating of 50 points, which is the dividing point between optimism and pessimism.
THE River Liffey may be the the dividing point for Dublin GAA - but only as 'Moses' Lyons parts its waters to lead his flock to the Promised Land.
99] At the dividing point of the Temple's holy space of constancy and the external domain of inconstancy, the escritoire embodies the rien of the initial "paradox of nothing" and implicates writing as both process and product in the subversive practices it facilitates.
To test light preferences, Heiling placed spiders at the dividing point of a two-chambered box, lit on one side and blacked-out on the other.
5 as a rough dividing point, the local effects show 11 fatality increases and two decreases.
Power and amperage is another dividing point in stick vacs.
For example, for ratio I in FY1989, $432 divides Quartiles 1 and 2 in that year's database, $562 separates Quartiles 2 and 3, and $767 is the dividing point between Quartiles 3 and 4.
Clients will accumulate points for both charge and credit card purchases in a single UBS Rewards program instead of dividing point accumulation on two or more cards, as many consumers do today.
6, slightly below the 50-point mark, which is viewed as the dividing point between expansion and contraction.