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5) It occurs most frequently in two types of divination statements:
Thinking about the divination Read the secrets from your fortune [2] I began to divination like balloting Interpret the state to good fortune
In addiction, the data from every finished divination are saved to the statistics to help the user find a connection within his/her problems and focus on it.
Examples abound in the form of the spherical shape of most energy patterns which is said to be "represented in Ifa divination through the use of a two dimensional circle in the form of a tray (oponIfa)" Fatunmbi (1992: 3).
Literally translated as ''wind-water,'' feng shui is the ancient science of Chinese divination.
For Chinese, divination is omnipresent and an important aspect of ancient Chinese history.
It was built in 1883 and is said to host to the spirit of a man commonly known as Oscar," he said The evening includes trying techniques like seances, table tipping and divination.
Also from the Congo basin is the spectacular Bangba vessel, the Luba chief's divination bowl and the rare Zande-Mangbetu bottle.
A rare collection of unique, ornate books of divination consulted by shahs, sultans and Muslim laymen in 16th century Persia and Turkey are on show at Washington's Smithsonian Institution.
What name is given to divination by interpreting dreams?
She lives with three other onmyoji, specialists in magic and divination, all of them older men, tying people's strings of fate.
Haunting Breaks' two-night stay (July 18 - 20) costs pounds 279 per person and features return transfers from Treviso airport, ghost-hunting, dowsing, seances, table tipping, glass divination, dinner with wine and two nights accommodation with breakfast.