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The doctor had been no less carefully armed and accoutered by his housekeeper, the vigilant Frau Ilsy, and sallied forth in his camlet robe by way of surcoat,[1] his black velvet cap under his cocked hat, a thick clasped book under his arm, a basket of drugs and dried herbs in one hand, and in the other the miraculous rod of divination.
Even if there be no true knowledge, as is proved by 'the wretched state of education,' there may be right opinion, which is a sort of guessing or divination resting on no knowledge of causes, and incommunicable to others.
The book is written throughout on the verge of realism, with divinations and conjectures across its border, and with lapses into the fool's paradise of romanticism, and an apparent content with its inanity and impossibility.
Don Quixote was not very well satisfied with the divinations of the ape, as he did not think it proper that an ape should divine anything, either past or future; so while Master Pedro was arranging the show, he retired with Sancho into a corner of the stable, where, without being overheard by anyone, he said to him, "Look here, Sancho, I have been seriously thinking over this ape's extraordinary gift, and have come to the conclusion that beyond doubt this Master Pedro, his master, has a pact, tacit or express, with the devil.
Ten-time GRAMMY award winner Carlos Santana is bringing his celebrated Divination Tour to the BIC on April 6 to kick off the F1 musical entertainment.
Coping With the Future: Theories and Practices of Divination in East Asia
Many Chinese classics articulate divination as a way to connect humans and nature, and they teach people what to ask and what not to ask.
Richard Webster deftly explores the incredibly wide variety of divination systems from around the world in "Llewellyn's Complete Book of Divination: Your Definitive Source for Learning Predictive & Prophetic Techniques".
Divination, Politics & Ancient Near Eastern Empires.
We might as well go back to reading the runes or examining animal entrails - or divination by cheese, which the Greeks swore by.
All societies have developed systems of divination to find answers to issues that trouble them.
One of the most interesting revelations during this research was the strong bond between this calendar and divination, in this case with the technique of reading maize seeds.