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The doctor had been no less carefully armed and accoutered by his housekeeper, the vigilant Frau Ilsy, and sallied forth in his camlet robe by way of surcoat,[1] his black velvet cap under his cocked hat, a thick clasped book under his arm, a basket of drugs and dried herbs in one hand, and in the other the miraculous rod of divination.
Dinah, with her sympathetic divination, knew quite well that Adam was longing to hear if Hetty had said anything about their trouble; she was too rigorously truthful for benevolent invention, but she had contrived to say something in which Hetty was tacitly included.
In spite of the sort of divination which was the remarkable side of the character of Aramis, the event, subject to the risks of things over which uncertainty presides, did not fall out exactly as the bishop of Vannes had foreseen.
Even if there be no true knowledge, as is proved by 'the wretched state of education,' there may be right opinion, which is a sort of guessing or divination resting on no knowledge of causes, and incommunicable to others.
While the word is not uncommon in oracle bone inscriptions (hereafter OBI), poorly contextualized accounts of the king's divinations and hitherto non-existing accounts in royal family and non-royal divinations have led to a shallow understanding of the communicative role and performative function of prayer during this foundational period of elite religious practice.
This is not a book for those seeking an introductory ethnography of Ifa in Cuba, nor answers to questions about who babalawos are, who consults them (beyond "mostly women"), nor how Ifa divinations matter in the Cuban context in any but the broadest ontological terms of being taken to be indubitably true by some (but not all) Cubans.
His topics include numerating systems, kinship and social relations, divinations, and calendars.
Opener Oblivion is a monolithic rocker, followed by the relentless Divinations.
Chancing Life is recommended to the attention of students and practitioners of Occult and Metaphysical divinations.
Hence it is that the Romans, in their divinations from birds, chiefly regard the vulture" (7).
Thank you very much, but polls of those self-selected people who are motivated enough to "vote" are as scientifically meaningful as divinations.