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bdru; see earlier on Urtenu's use of this divinatory praxis), a classical function of the magician in the ancient Near East, in some ways similar to Israelite prophecy (cf.
4) The standard divinatory technique performed by the shamans of this Association involved the 'reading' of the trajectories of forty one small stones arranged in three columns on a purple mat.
Notions from narrativity, in particular those of the chronotope and dialogical narratives developed by Mikhail Bakhtin (7) will also be used to unveil some principles of divinatory speech and narrations.
This is precisely Eves's project when he analyses how the confessional-disclosing technology of Christianity merges with indigenous divinatory forms of disclosure organised around dreams so as to create new forms of omniscience, with Christian pastoral forms of confession, ethical self-scrutiny and moral policing being rearticulated through Melanesian divinatory practices.
Browning's access to the Schleiermacherean interpretative tradition through Romantic thought is perhaps indicated by Browning's identification of Shelley as the exemplary subjective poet, who "appeal[s] through himself to the absolute Divine mind," in terms that remind us of Schleiermacher's subjective intuition of the infinite or divinatory immediacy.
Beginning with a detailed discussion of the scope of Tibetan cultural identity and its border of influence, the work covers medical contexts of longevity as well as astrological, and divinatory aspects and Buddhist tenets involved in the cultural definition and promotion of long life.
At the conclusion of this part of the ceremony, through the use of four divinatory chamalongos, or coconut shells, the spirit was asked if the ceremony was to his pleasing or if it required something else.
While other interpreters have focused on the continuity of civilization, perhaps overly so, and recent interpretations have stressed the theological origins of modernity, Greenblatt resurrects older tropes about reason and science triumphing over faith and superstition and atomistic materialism triumphing over divinatory animism.
That divinatory rites conducted in public are in male hands is an indication that they are more positively valued and associated with upholding and protecting the community's welfare.
Wildfang and Isager asserted that Roman divinatory techniques were an integral part of ancient Roman society and were often used in literary contexts.
Adejumo focuses primarily on the debate as to whether Sango was a deity that descended from heaven (in accordance with Ifa divinatory verse), or if he was a human that was deified as a god (as such, the fourth Alaafin of Oyo).