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Kim Sheard, who has been told her whole life she bears an uncanny resemblance to the Divine Miss M, started performing as Divinely Bette back in 2012, bringing the best and most moving parts of Bette Midler's astounding artistic career to life before audiences across England.
Divinely Guided tells the story of the group's work in California, from the Hoopa Valley Reservation in Trinity County down to numerous villages in San Diego County.
I'm talking Great Gatsby boredom, with everyone lying around in white clothes and floppy hats, sipping long drinks with cooling names, and being utterly and divinely bored.
The New York Times described the author's body of work as "cerebral fiction" and her latest novel as brainy, compassionate and divinely witty.
Inspirational and spiritual, "The Long Yearning's End" is a choice pick for those who want a divinely inspired memoir.
At this time, the Kayan chieftaincy displayed, in a series of tableaux vivant, an imaginary narration of rice and divinely inspired authority as related to political power.
On the evidence here, the Berlin company, which includes the divinely extended Polina Semionova, is in the world class category.
As well, the Islamic tradition regards them as divinely inspired.
In the following century the word was applied to members of certain Protestant groups who argued for their beliefs -- in the view of most people -- with excessive enthusiasm, acting as if they were divinely inspired.
The Little Bag of MamaBliss, pounds 20, contains Mmm Mummy Massage Oil (60ml), a divinely scented healing post-natal oil, Ooh Bath Soak (100ml), and Aaah Soothing Balm (60ml).
Given to us all, the sunrise, the sunset A flower, a rose, a tree How could anyone be without love, with all this to see It captures your heart, holds it divinely.
James Rutherford was suitably sinister as mysterious stranger Nick Shadow, while sopranos Claire Booth and Susan Bickley both sang divinely as Anne Trulove and the bearded Baba the Turk respectively.