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In the chapter titled "Divine," the novel's characters battle over the meanings of the cross in relation to love and divinity.
He does this on one level by reexamining the nature of mystical language itself: for Maria, language directly participated in the divinity, though it was a language that went beyond mere words to embrace a larger physicality in her body and its gestures, her convulsions and tremblings, and all her other attempts to utter the unutterable, to realize the unrealizable, and to give the elusive and ultimately absent Word "a face, lips, and a voice.
At the same time, the presence of the divinity school in the midst of the university should suffuse the university as a whole with the democratic and spiritual values of liberal Protestantism.
Working nights gave him the opportunity to enroll as a divinity student at Vanderbilt University.
From the Catholic priest swinging incense-filled censors censers down the aisles of a church in Rome, to the billows of incense smoke that cloud and curl around the Buddha icons in a Buddhist temple in Thailand, to copal burning in a tribal ceremony in the rainforest -- we have been using incense to connect to divinity in almost every culture and class of society for as long as we can look back in time.
The full title translates as A Fitting Refutation of the Divinity of Jesus from the Evidence of the Gospel, and the text is attributed to the famous 11th-century scholar Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (d.
Marion Barclay MacKay Honorary doctorate of divinity degrees will be presented to Revs.
Faculty of Divinity, Trinity College, 6 Hoskin Avenue, Toronto ON MSS 1H8
Wake Forest University School of Divinity (Winston-Salem.
Certified Hypnotherapist and Software Engineer Joy Ghosh is pleased to announce the release of his new age, new consciousness and purposeful living book, Oh My Genetics Of Divinity, the first in the series of Genetics Of Divinity books, which was officially launched on December 21, 2012, the day that marked the re-birth of Human Consciousness.
Martha Smalley, special collections librarian and curator of the Day Missions Collection at Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Connecticut, announced the completion of the first phase of a major digitization project.