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DIVISIBLE. The susceptibility of being divided.
     2. A contract cannot, in general, be divided in such a manner that an action may be brought, or a right accrue, on a part of it. 2 Penna. R. 454. But some contracts are susceptible of division, as when a reversioner sells a part of the reversion to one man, and a part to another, each shall have an action for his share of the rent, which may accrue on a contract, to pay a particular rent to the reversioner. 3 Whart. 404; and see Apportionment. But when it is to do several things, at several times, an action will lie upon every default. 15 Pick. R. 409. See 1 Greenl. R. 316; 6 Mass. 344. See Entire.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Gold is highly durable and essentially indestructible, but it is less competitive in the area of divisibility (i.e.
The k-ary divisibility relations as defined above were first introduced by Cohen [3] and have been studied more recently by Haukkanen [2] and Steuding et al.
If w(t) or d(t) are other functions, divisibility conditions can be more complex.
Given orthogonal [S.sup.1]-representations V and W with [[V.sup.S].sup.1] = [[W.sup.S].sup.1] = {0}, is divisibility of e(W) by e(V) sufficient for the existence of an [S.sup.1]-equivariant map S(V) [right arrow] S(W)?
Here, there is no ambiguity in Rakowski's umbrella policy as to either coverage or divisibility. Rakowski contracted, before the policy term began, for an umbrella policy covering specified risks, with a coverage limit of $2,000,000.
Reversibility: the size of the reversibility is closely related to divisibility. It refers to the ease with which it can be restored the status quo ante, in the situation where a change introduced is subsequently rejected.
At the heart of the proof of Theorem 1 is a divisibility result for class numbers of imaginary quadratic fields (compare with [2, Theorem 1]).
liability, divisibility among PRPs and apportionment of costs is
However, in our opinion, these states differ not only in magnitude (of potential negative effects) but also in divisibility. High divisibility applies in the case of acne.
Divisibility tests were required to know whether a number (large enough) was divisible by a given integer or not?
The United States Copyright Act of 1976 recognized the principle of divisibility, which allows artists to use narrowly defined licenses to divide the rights to their copyrighted artworks.