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Not content to leave their arguments at the level of divisio, the detractors make their next rhetorical move against Mary and increase the interpretive tension in the process:
Keller, The Divisio of Labor in Electronics, in Women, Men and the International Division of Labor, supra, at 346, 359-70; Hossfeld, supra note 9, at 45-48.
Lehe quarter, TNT won five Primetime Emmy Awards, including three for the TNT Original Miniseries George WallacBITA for the Filmed Entertainment -- TBS divisio Warner Bros.
Bilic saw Sakho score twice in five minutes before half-time with skipper for the evening Tomkins heading a third against the Primera Divisio minnows.
at's the ne line in this divisio n – one mistake and you are punished.
AFC Whitchur second win of th defeating Llaned Butetown defeat In the b divisio Danescourt 4-2.
Only three men from th Coventry Airborne Divisio survived the battle in 1944, Arthur, Howard and Dennis McKeown.
In a tight fourth divisio, Quarry Bank made ground on top team Old Cathinians beating them 4-2 and Cardinal Newman went joint second of four after a 3-2 triumph at Civserv.
Sportsmas Rest also cliched the Coroatio Shield whe they beat divisio champios Sutto Sports 8- 7, the same margi The Fox defeated Red Lio Flights by i the Norma Day Cup.
SUMMARIES: LV County Championship - Division One Taunton Somerset 224 v Durham 45-1 The Brit Oval Hampshire 480-8 v Surrey LV County Championship - Division Two The SWALEC Stadium Glamorgan v Worcs No play due to rain Grace Road Gloucestershire 223-3 v Leicestershire Northampton Northamptonshire 304 v Essex 18-0 NatWest Pro40 - Divisio One Trent Bridge Lancashire Lightning 202-8 Innings Complete (S J Croft 68 no) v Nottinghamshire Outlaws 201 (G P Swann 61) Lancashire beat Nottinghamshire by 1 runs TODAY: (10.
6:190: "Haec autem divisio est seundum prius et posterius.