division lines

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No-man's-lands designated by the GAA were divided by consent; the biweekly convoy to the Israeli enclave at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus was permitted to supply the Israeli police force stationed there and replace the policemen regularly; the mutual vulnerability of citizens in Jerusalem induced both sides to keep the city's division lines quiet most of the time.
CSPA divisions will present programs ranging from their own particular interests to those crossing division lines, and at least one special session on green products is planned.
Poland's advocacy on behalf of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) testifies to this: through the ENP, Poland has worked to develop a stable, secure, and prosperous eastern border with the European Union through the elimination of division lines and the provision of active assistance programs to the European Union's eastern neighbors.
When the camera is level in every shot, everything will line up nicely and no division lines will be seen.
One "propaganda" message from the "Chinese People's Volunteer Forces" left in front of the Commonwealth Division lines read: "In the April battle 701 officers and men of the British 29th Brigade were captured .
Operation indicator Unit June 1999 June 2000 Growth TELKOM Division Lines 2,940,479 3,206,993 9.
Our annual directory team crosses several division lines.
The resulting comprehensive information can be shared by employees, work groups and managers across division lines or geographies to increase collaboration and produce tangible results.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blamed the crisis in Ukraine on attempts by the West to move Euro-Atlantic division lines eastwards.
Eight people were killed and over 80 injured on the Indian side of the division lines of Kashmir in the shelling over the past days, while over 30,000 had to flee their homes and take shelter at safe places set up as relief camps by Indian authorities.
In a statement that leaves little doubt over where the Brotherhood stands on the division lines, Aref claimed to Reuters on Friday that Shi'a powers have been behind sectarian conflicts throughout the region's history.

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