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She was too ill to walk through the division lobby so opposition whips agreed to see her before to take her vote.
Bessie once likened the House of Commons, with its doors leading to the division lobby, to a comedy show, and insisted that the "soulless ritual" was in need of reform.
Mr Blair is currently benefiting from support from the other side of the House which has so far enabled him to ensure victory in the division lobby.
He likes to go down the gym in the evening and if a vote gets called suddenly he goes through the division lobby in his sports kit.
AS MPs prepare to go into the division lobby, our readers give their views on the contrasting arguments put forward in Saturday's Evening Telegraph by journalist Alan Poole and Cliff Dare of the Warwickshire Hunt
It used to take just seven minutes to go through the division lobby. Now it takes 24.
In the late evening, MPs went into the division lobby, into the ayes and the noes.
The only time I had a conversation with her was when we found ourselves walking into the division lobby together on the War Crimes Bill.
As part of a programme of special concerts and events to mark the tercentenary year of its namesake, 18th century composer Charles Avison, the Ensemble are working in partnership with Division Lobby to bring "music in unchartered styles" to the North East.
It raises the astonishing prospect of Mr Blair succeeding in driving forward his "schools revolution" only with the help of Conservative votes in the division lobby.

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