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WASHINGTON, March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Turkish Institute for Progress (TIP) today decried the divisive tactics implemented by the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) as they attempt to convince American policymakers and business owners into supporting a resolution that undermines U.
The Iron Lady's achievements must not be allowed to paper over her divisive legacy and her support for apartheid govt
Unfortunately these comments tend to reinforce the inaccurate and divisive stereotype that anyone who receives benefits is a workshy scrounger.
Socially divisive because, to quote the same editorial, grammar schools have 'squeezed out the disadvantaged'.
Some women's groups, led by the Women's Media Center of New York, have protested that the ad is divisive and "has no place" in an event "designed to bring Americans together.
Organizing his views in three major sections ("One Life and Faith Simply Put"; "Christian Fundamentalist: A Distraction from Essence"; and "The Spiritual Road Beyond Literalism", Get Unstuck From Fundamentalism is very highly recommended for non-specialist general readers, particularly those seeking spiritual guidance with respect to a true Christian approach to contemporary issues in our increasingly divisive and divided Christian communities.
Despite the fact that each of the merger participants is a foreign entity, the transaction nevertheless could be a statutory merger and thus a "good" type A reorganization under the new regulations, because both Z and Y are qualified participants and the transaction is not divisive.
29, the Swedish Supreme Court acquitted Green, saying his divisive sermon was protected by the European Convention of Human Rights.
ITEM: "Judicial Picks Remain Divisive in Senate," said the Washington Post subhead to a March 1 wire-service account.
Goodchild's biography follows the scientist from his 1908 birth in Hungary, through his escape from Germany before World War II, to his divisive performance as a defense adviser to 10 U.
Featuring a new introduction by the authors, Psychiatric Movements: From Sects to Science examines how, in the 1970s, four divisive schools--existentialism, psychoanalysis, interpersonalism, and behaviorism--each arose, yet rather than engaging in a cooperative dialogue each sect battled the others for the title of "true" psychiatry.
This poetry for a new age tackles society's most divisive issues--the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, poverty, homelessness, the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, gay bashing, genital mutilation.