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Vaidya further condemned the 'brazen attempts' by the government of Kerala to deny the basic citizen rights of celebrating Independence Day and the 'continuous attempts to poison the state of Kerala with divisive politics.
Charlie said: "It is always the Yes side that is accused of being nationalistic and divisive but there seems to be a lot of sentimentality on the No side, a lot of harking back to a Britain that maybe never was.
BEIRUT: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai met with a Hezbollah delegation Thursday at his seat in Bkirki as part of launching a dialogue on divisive issues, including the party's arms.
Thatcher, 82, closed mines, shipyards and steelworks in Labour's heartlands and her "cruel and divisive reign" should not be commemorated.
Our campaign has never sought to be divisive, ostracise or demean, any negative feelings expressed were against the divisive and educationally damaging proposals, not Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna, its parents, staff or children, or indeed 'Welsh speakers'.
ANGLICANS in Canada are facing a divisive controversy.
In a divisive D reorganization, the distribution of acquirer stock has to satisfy the Sec.
The film ends on a hopeful (and hopefully not Pollyannaish) note: Perhaps we queers will learn from each other rather than maintain divisive, self-righteous encampments.
The Colorado State Senate's tradition of inviting guest chaplains to deliver morning invocations turned divisive in March, when a Pentecostal minister used his time at the dais to pray for a ban on abortions.
Judaism in North America grappled in late March with the divisive shock caused by accusations from North American Orthodox rabbis that the two other branches of Judaism, the Reform and Conservative, are misleading their followers, and "are not Judaism at all.