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This divisively constructed hatred "activated, energized and excused atrocity through blaming of others" (240) and justified the "unchecked growth of security organizations" (Dassin 1998: 63).
This is a complete chronological history of from the unanimously concented ascent of General george Washionhton, to the divisively contested Gore vs.
Recent evidence suggests that there is a wide divergence of views on what we should do with the public library/art gallery building (although the majority opinion now seems clear), about the Castle Hill Hotel, and, perhaps most divisively of all, over the Queensgate Market.
He handled the task by divisively allying himself with the eldest - assuming she was the leader - then trying to win round the others with tempting trifles.
The president inaccurately - and divisively - derided the Michigan plan as consisting of "quotas" that ``unfairly reward or penalize prospective students based solely on their race.
For the church historian, this divisively argued, enacted, and now enforced difference of opinion has a certain mystifying quality to it, for the simple reason that almost none of the participants allowed the actual historical record to speak for itself.
In way of recommendations, this reviewer would have liked an entry on the Spanish Civil War, as it illustrates the failed policy of US neutrality during the 20th century's divisively ideological civil wars.
Equally, those who attack the SimCity future as divisively dystopian, like Blade Runner, have also allowed themselves to believe the techno-hype about the efficacy of simulated cities.
Many of the puzzles facing churches also appear, and often more divisively, in the political and economic fields.
In an era of divisively divided government, political actors will refine older bargaining tactics and scout for new ones.
In contrast, voucher opponents worry that vouchers will result in the flight of education-conscious families from public schools and lead to the proliferation of divisively sectarian religious schools.
No employer can be expected to hire or reappoint any employee, let alone the chief executive, when the employee constantly, publicly and divisively attacks the integrity of his superiors,'' the commission said.