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However BJP leaders from time to time arouse sentiments and create a sort of divisiveness in Indian society," Bhadoria claimed.
PNoy asking his supporters to wear yellow ribbon only worsens the divisiveness among our people,'' he said.
In fact, however, the process will be made even more difficult because in addition to the divisiveness of the issues involved, the habits of the politicians will get in the way of progress toward a new modus vivendi in this country.
And that is only one aspect of the divisiveness of the issue, which is supposed to be a model for the Europe of results' dear to the Barroso Commission.
Divisiveness is growing at an alarming rate in this country, and this is yet another example of why.
On the potential for divisiveness, Archdeacon Michael Pollesel, the national church's general secretary, said much will depend on the mindset that delegates bring to the meeting.
That divisiveness is part of human nature all over the world.
In this sea of divisiveness, our profession is strongly positioned to be a difference maker that unites people, especially if we understand why the divider list is growing.
So I must say that what you write is not helpful--and I have said the same thing to my Democratic friends who come at the divisiveness from the other side.
Instead, anxious that the citizens' feelings not be exploited to make Hiroshima a platform for divisiveness, Mayor Shinzo Hamai chose something quite remarkable: 'Rest in peace.
Third, at a time of national crisis and internal divisiveness of the sort that occurred in the late '60s and early '70s, the only thing one could do was to allow speech.
While these first few steps should not be overinterpreted, they did avoid the divisiveness that many Catholics feared would result from the cardinals' election of the man who had led a crackdown on a wide variety of thinkers and believers among the faithful.