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DIVISIBLE. The susceptibility of being divided.
     2. A contract cannot, in general, be divided in such a manner that an action may be brought, or a right accrue, on a part of it. 2 Penna. R. 454. But some contracts are susceptible of division, as when a reversioner sells a part of the reversion to one man, and a part to another, each shall have an action for his share of the rent, which may accrue on a contract, to pay a particular rent to the reversioner. 3 Whart. 404; and see Apportionment. But when it is to do several things, at several times, an action will lie upon every default. 15 Pick. R. 409. See 1 Greenl. R. 316; 6 Mass. 344. See Entire.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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We set d := ([E.sub.n], [gamma]) and let [[GAMMA].sub.n] := d([K.sub.X] + b[E.sub.n]) be a Cartier divisor on X.
LM: What are the biggest changes for shippers as they relate to dimensional pricing/DIM divisors switching to 139?
For each divisor d of n, let m = [m.sub.1][m.sub.2], with [mathematical expression not reproducible].
In the ratio subtraction method, the laboratory-prepared mixtures were divided by the spectrum of formoterol to get the ratio spectra is shown in Figure 5, then subtraction of the absorbance values in plateau region at 290 nm (the constant) is shown in Figure 6, followed by multiplication of the obtained spectra by the spectrum of the divisor is shown in Figure 7.
The students both considered the quotient, 49.25, as having two parts (49 and 0.25) and based on that understanding and the overall goal they realised through coordinating both that both parts need to refer to the divisor, 28, and could be coordinated with the divisor through multiplication.
by definition, GCDISHand GCDISW, for any divisor [d.sub.i] in GCDdivs we get
The remainder comes out as -15/16 but since we divided both the dividend and divisor in the original problem by 2, the remainder has been accidentally divided by 2.
The conditions of divisors ending with 8, 4, 2, 6 and 5 given by (Chauthaiwale, 2012) were relaxed after describing their mathematical background.
Comparison is performed on shifted version of divisor. Divisor is shifted left to make length of 2n-1 bits (7 bits = (2(4) - 1)).
Loreto, Zona Reservada Sierra del Divisor, 24 km SO de Constitucion, Rio Yaquirana.