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People can also get divorced after a five-year separation, which doesn't need either spouse's agreement.
5% respondents had divorced due to litigation between husband and wife.
The research is filled out by various individuals of different age groups consisting of married, unmarried and divorced.
Owing to their celebrity status their odds of getting divorced are great, according to the Web site.
In Umm Al Quwain more than 39 per cent of divorced women were between the ages of 20 and 25.
In terms of divorced women's number of children according to the wife age group, it was largest in 39-35 age group (20.
9 per thousand married population) and divorced in 1931, only 3668 (0.
From January to May this year, 528 couples, including 329 Qatari women, divorced, Qatari daily The Peninsula has reported.
1 men divorced out of every 1,000 marriages, up from 10.
In 1980 only one in 10 men and women getting a divorce had been divorced before, while the figure stood at one in five in 2007.
Divorces amongst those people aged 45-49 also increased, although more women got divorced.