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Consequently, a pre-referral treatment alternative was offered to children whose parents were recently separated or divorced and whose behaviors their classroom teachers looked upon as problematic.
Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth DeGori's parents have been divorced for as long as she can remember.
Male great skuas find divorce expensive, but that could be because the divorces were losers from the start, says Furness, who notes that divorced males tend to take longer than widowed birds to pair up again.
81) A large but less-cited literature has compared the outcomes within less biased samples of children from divorced and intact families.
I divorced him, and now my children hit me, too - even my oldest son.
One in five men and women who get divorced have had a previous marriage also ending in divorce.
For example, a buy-sell agreement may state that if any relative by marriage of X or Y (founders) is divorced from a blood relative of X or Y, any shares owned by the former (or acquired in the divorce) will be offered for sale for a set price to a specified buyer.
Cooperative Parenting and Divorce assists divorcing or divorced parents in reducing parental conflict and risk factors associated with the child's post-divorce adjustment.
I do not doubt the figure from the 1987 data set, but it's not too relevant to the report's purpose, which is to tell young adults not to shack up lest they wind up divorced.
A recent study by psychologist Stanford Braver, titled Divorced Dad: Shattering the Myth, shows that while an exceptionally small percentage of divorces result from abuse and abandonment, two out of three divorces are initiated by women.
In interviews with people who have been divorced, married people in their first marriage, priests, parents, and laypeople who work with the divorced and separated, some trends emerged:
Teenagers who get married are twice as likely to get divorced as couples marrying for the first time in their early twenties.