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Regulatory Restrictions on Vertical Integration and Control: The Competitive Impact of Gasoline Divorcement Policies.
OSc PSE separatioun 1490-1681 1600-1613 divortioun 1511-1596 -- divorcement 1558/66-1615 1526/34-1627 divorcie 1568 -- partissing 1568-a1568 -- divorce 1587-1568 1377-1613 .
Essentially, divorcement imposes double markups and hence higher retail prices.
Podia haber hecho mas que los melodramas tipo Alice Adams de Stevens o incluso la mencionada A Bill of Divorcement que ni Cukor fue capaz de ir mas alla de las convenciones.
Director George Cukor selected her from a list of far more experienced actresses to play John Barrymore's daughter in "A Bill of Divorcement.
In its peculiar ironic twist, this divorcement, we soon learn, involves an intriguing deconstructive impact avant la lettre.
In 1975 McGill and chairman Joseph Pulitzer negotiated what lawyers called a divorcement, creating a new entity called the Pulitzer Prize Board with the Columbia president as a voting member, the Columbia journalism dean as a non-voting member and the university trustees being separated from the prize process.
He also played opposite Katherine Hepburn in A Bill of Divorcement in 1932.
It is a bill of divorcement drawn up against false gods.
12) struggle to make courts grant meaningful dissolution, divorcement and divestiture relief; and
A Bill of Divorcement, a comedy by Clemence Dane starring Katharine Cornell and Allan Pollock, opened at the George M.