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"Regulatory Restrictions on Vertical Integration and Control: The Competitive Impact of Gasoline Divorcement Policies." Journal of Regulatory Economics, 18(3), 2000, 217-33.
The authors could not obtain estimates for demographic factors such as income and population density or for competitive conditions such as distance, number of terminals, and divorcement regulations because the data are time-invariant.
OSc PSE separatioun 1490-1681 1600-1613 divortioun 1511-1596 -- divorcement 1558/66-1615 1526/34-1627 divorcie 1568 -- partissing 1568-a1568 -- divorce 1587-1568 1377-1613 .to undergo a divorce, v.
Another controversial issue that is debated in the gasoline industry is divorcement, the legal restriction that refiners and retailers cannot be vertically integrated, i.e., refiners cannot own and operate retail gasoline stations.
As Russell Weigley wrote, "Here was still another pernicious fruit of the divorcement which the professional Army had allowed between itself and civilian America." (16) Separated from the civilians and disdainful of them as soldiers, Army officers were not inclined to accept the highest military guidance from citizens whom they perceived to be inept in military matters.
Por fin debuto en 1932 y a las ordenes de George Cukor --uno de sus directores de cabecera--A Bill of Divorcement, una de sus comedias caracteristicas.
Here was an actress--if you just say "Kate," the world knows who you are referring to--who burst onto the movie scene with "A Bill of Divorcement," won the first of her record four acting Oscars with a follow-up film two years later, "Morning Glory," then made several financially disappointing pics (though now they are regarded as classics).
But they accepted, giving her the role of Sydney Fairfield in A Bill of Divorcement, which became a critical and popular hit.
For $1,500 a week, she starred in the 1932 film A Bill of Divorcement with John Barrymore and the lean, athletic actress with the well-bred Yankee manner became an instant star.
She made the breakthrough to film in 1932's A Bill of Divorcement, and for a while was fairly successful, winning her first Oscar in 1933.
Your life is married to the political beyond the possibility of divorcement.