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The letter, however, did not divulge details of what was the content of the book that is being considered classified.
The European Central Bank (ECB) has refused to divulge how Greece hid its government debt.
They refuse to divulge any details about the vehicle's air frame, power train or communications system.
While teams are unwilling to divulge how much they spend each season, it's rumored that Ferrari has a $440 million annual budget for its championship-winning team, and Minardi spends about $60 million per year--just to qualify at the back of the grid.
The district court held that requiring the inmate, as part of a sexual offender counseling program, to divulge his history of sexual conduct violates the inmate's Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination because the inmate faced a loss of good time credit if he refused to divulge his history.
One Salvation Army employee, Mary Jane Dessables, told the Associated Press that she resented being told to divulge information about her religious beliefs.
I can't divulge how the four girls I chose, who knew they would be the main characters in a book I was writing about sororities, introduced me to their sisters, who did not know; and I can't divulge the disguise I wore or the role I played (suffice it to say, I can pass for 19).
But the company says it will not divulge this information in the future.
This is a company who refuses to divulge what they are doing to the extent that at a recent trade show Buffalo Boy even denied that they exist.
The documents also divulge that security was a major obsession throughout the hierarchy.
According to Representative Kanjorsiti, the purpose of the bill is to ensure quality and best value with respect to federal construction projects by prohibiting bid shopping; The bill defines "bid shopping" as the practice of divulging, or requiring a contractor or subcontractor to divulge, a bid or proposal to another prospective contractor or subcontractor in order to secure a lower bid or proposal.
While Benowitz has yet to divulge the identity of the macrophage protein, he did say it is "an obscure protein that has been seen in other contexts but never in relationship to axon growth.