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Taguba also divulged the corruption at the Bureau of Customs that involved presidential son and son-in-law Paolo Duterte and Maneses Carpio.
He said all rulers sacrificed for the atomic programme and never divulged secret at any level.
hacked into the e-system of a support services' company, breached the confidentiality of its clients' data and divulged them to the company's rivals in local market between December 2013 and February 2014.
Confidential: Applies to information and records which, if divulged, damage the state security and interests.
London, Nov 13 ( ANI ): Australian captain Michael Clarke jokingly claimed that he already knows the England XI who will play at The Gabba next week, as divulged by counterpart Alastair Cook.
The 37-year-old American citizen is believed to have divulged confidential information, while in his post at Meeras Capital, part of Meeras Holding, pertaining to its financial situation, clientsAE names, staff status and state of execution of projects, to a rival firm.
Summary: Robert Pattinson was one of a host of stars who divulged their showbiz mistletoe desires this Christmas.
It came to the club's attention that Mr Sousa had, without authority, divulged highly confidential and sensitive information.
So, the volume of them is not divulged,eIN he said.
divulged Tuesday the specifications of its Lexus LF-A supercar concept, which it had unveiled to the press at the North American International Auto Show on Sunday.
She then asked me in what year I'd been born, and after I somewhat reluctantly divulged the information (women over 39 being sensitive to this sort of thing), consulted the calendar.