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(112.) See PEAC, supra note 98, [section] 3(a) (articulating specific ways decedent can express intent while living to prohibit divulgement when deceased).
[section] 2702 (2012) (barring ISPs' divulgement of digital account content while such content held in their storage); see also Horton, supra note 30, at 569-70 (opining SCA bars ISPs from voluntarily disclosing digital account content postmortem); Borden, supra note 29, at 414 (arguing purpose and effect of SCA acts as bulwark to broad digital inheritance).
Logically, Barcelo makes use of three primary sources: technoscience itself; attempts to explain concepts to the community at large which I will call texts of divulgement (following the author's use of the Spanish term divulgacion); and, of course, SF writers--many of them trained scientists.