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However much life writing may focus on a single personality, no individual is so hermetically sealed as not to entangle others in divulgences. Autobiography is rarely--if ever--about a single, solitary self.
Zurawik does take notice of these important divulgences: Gary David Goldberg's confession that Brooklyn Bridge is as much an act of rebellion as an exercise in nostalgia; Richard Rosenstock's explanation of why he would not showcase religious objects on The Marshall Chronicles; Charlotte Brown's insistence that Rhoda's "ethnicity" was "just spicing"; and Rob Long's revelation that the creators of George and Leo made Judd Hirsch their "litmus test" of taste on that short-lived tasteless program (pp.
Women's divulgences about the experience of abuse reveal that context is essential to understanding the nature and harm of battering.
In addition, collateral queries relate to divulgences said to be protected by the attorney-client privilege and, to a lesser extent, to guarded information collected by newspersons.
The relative consonance of women's perceptions with the men's divulgences is also surveyed.