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of breaching the cybercrime law by hacking into the company's system in an illegal manner, stealing secret information and divulging those information to the rivals in a malicious intent.
Any official whose period of employment is terminated is prohibited from divulging any classified information or documents he may acquire or he may have access to and whose disclosure is banned under the provisions of this law.
The former technician at Israel's nuclear plant in the southern town of Dimona, was released in April 2004 after serving 18 years for divulging information about Israel's secretive atomic program to the Sunday Times.
One enneagram advocate tried to skirt this obstacle by divulging that a person could actually be any number of combinations of various animal totems (i.e.
Using historical narrative peppered with hard investigative facts, the author effectively succeeds in divulging just how far and deep the system has extended.
(While the company is not divulging the system's cost, chairman and chief scientist Amnon Shashua does say, "$100 is the magic number that allows a system to enter into high volume," implying that EyeQ either meets or beats that sum.) But the factor that Mobileye thinks really gives it an edge is the way its system processes images.
Each was devised by new Internet thieves who trick unsuspecting users into divulging sensitive data online.
According to Representative Kanjorsiti, the purpose of the bill is to ensure quality and best value with respect to federal construction projects by prohibiting bid shopping; The bill defines "bid shopping" as the practice of divulging, or requiring a contractor or subcontractor to divulge, a bid or proposal to another prospective contractor or subcontractor in order to secure a lower bid or proposal.
"I thought they had a secret they weren't divulging," says Robert C.
Many businesses keep quiet because they fear bad publicity and divulging proprietary information to investigators.
Happily, Weld, now a resident of New York, does not now have to account to his more upright constituents for giving a madam and a hobo heroic roles in divulging the plot by political and community leaders to corrupt the Swift River valley, or for making paganism altogether more attractive than the established church.
While not divulging any numbers, Stevens says any job cuts would be "not significant."