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and other some of our former staff had established a rivalling company - and they were the ones who had been stealing our clients' data and divulging them to our competitors," claimed the director.
If, as I suspect, all families have secrets, then all families develop a way of divulging or concealing them from the community, the extended family, and the children.
He is facing the charges of divulging confidential information and disclosure of classified data pertaining to a government institution.
The residency officer, a 29-year-old Emirati, had pleaded guilty to divulging to the woman the personal details of the victim, abusing thus of his power to access the unified criminal automated system and texting these details to her.
com), the leading provider of anti-fraud and online security solutions for financial institutions, has detected a dangerous new phishing attack - which Cyota has coined 'personalized phishing' - where an organized gang of fraudsters is using real stolen information to target accountholders by name to lure individuals into divulging additional sensitive information.
Summary: DUBAI - A former customer service officer of a local bank stood trial in the Court of First Instance on Monday on the charges of attempted embezzlement and divulging of confidential information.
With virtually no way of enforcing an ordinance prohibiting the City Council from divulging confidential information, the panel has informally agreed to keep private city business to themselves.
Phishing uses emails, pop-ups and websites that appear to be generated by reputable companies to fool recipients into divulging credit card numbers and other personal financial data.
Summary: DUBAI u A legal consultant stood trial in absentia in the Court of First Instance on Wednesday on the charge of divulging professional and confidential information while assigned with providing a public service at a government-owned firm.
With virtually no way of enforcing an ordinance forbidding members from divulging confidential information, the City Council informally has agreed to keep private city business to itself.
During the past year phishing scams enticed 57 million users into divulging their personal information.
The California State Bar is investigating whether Robert Kardashian violated attorney-client confidentiality rules by divulging private conversations he had with O.