do evil

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Before he was condemned they had often held discussions, in which they agreed that no man should either do evil, or return evil for evil, or betray the right.
The idealization of the sufferer is carried still further in the Gorgias, in which the thesis is maintained, that 'to suffer is better than to do evil;' and the art of rhetoric is described as only useful for the purpose of self-accusation.
In her report, Arendt asked whether it was possible to do evil without being evil.
By allowing Duterte to lay down the foundation of an imagined salvation on top of the mound of a costly human sacrifice, and by not stopping him from doing so - not because we chose to do evil, but because we chose not to do good - we as a nation failed our own test of the temptations.
(1) Since Paul of Tarsus rejects the principle 'let us do evil that good may result' (Rom 3:8, 6:1), the purist idea that doing evil is never allowed, even in order to prevent the greater evil, is sometimes called the 'Pauline Principle' (Donagan 1977, 149).
It also dives into the neuroscience behind why people do evil things and, more specifically, lack self-control.
Referring to Google's philosophy, "You can make money without doing evil", the committee's chairwoman Margaret Hodge told Vice President Matt Brittin: "You are a company that says you do no evil and I think that you do do evil in that you use smoke and mirrors to avoid paying tax."
The modern mind has trouble coming to grips with the reality of evil and that some people choose to do evil acts.
Without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things, but for good people to do evil things it takes religion."
A teacher, when he instructs a student with a whipping does not do evil. A magistrate, when he beats criminals does not do evil.
Their social constructions of (relatively harmless) individual acts as "sin" deflects attention from themselves as the institutions and persons who actually do evil to their subordinates.
It Is Not Enough To Be Good; One Must Also Show The Right Path To Others Who Might Otherwise Do Evil.