do nothing

References in classic literature ?
"No; Master Miles only said, "We must do nothing but what she likes!"
We tell ourselves that the next opportunity we get, we are just going to do nothing. But when has anyone ever been able to literally do nothing?
) ISLAMABAD ndash After five years of having to do nothing owing to a combination of hierarchy, system of governance and party policy, outdoing president Mamnoon Hussain is relieved that he now has the breathing room to do nothing out of his own free will.
Now further along the minimalist path, she's here to teach us how to do nothing. If that sounds unlikely, keep this in mind: Jonat and her husband adopted a minimalist way of living in 2010 and paid off $80,000 in debt in two years.
Some would say that the outcome of the US presidential campaign until now is probably a result of the notion of doing "nothing." A lot of Americans seemed to be convinced that Donald Trump will be someone who will not do nothing. The act of doing nothing can get quite complicated because the act of doing nothing can be simple or it can be more complicated and elaborate.
He decides he's never going to be the best at anything, and sits down to do nothing. This puzzles Pong, who also decides to go away and practise doing nothing.
How often do you do nothing? Time out for you to relax, chill, think and recover.
I was assigned to a spiritual director who instructed me to do nothing for 10 minutes.
They do nothing. It would help if they put the money to good use like hospitals or schools.
For 20 minutes every day, students at a charter school in Detroit sit, close their eyes, and seemingly do nothing.
Or they may claim to believe in something (like the Catholic faith, or the work of the pro-life movement), but they do nothing about it--no evangelization; no activity of any kind to help stop the evil of abortion.
How much riskier it would be if the documentation were in the form of actual p aintings, since the photos do nothing more than replicate and peddle fashion's ever-ready mix of anomie, tepid s&m, and minimalist affect.