do nothing

References in classic literature ?
No; Master Miles only said, "We must do nothing but what she likes
You know I do nothing without telling you," she began.
Thee'st no right to say what Dinah's feelings are if she hasna told thee, and it 'ud do nothing but mischief to say such things to Adam.
It 'ud do nothing but mischief, for it 'ud make Adam uneasy if he doesna feel the same to her.
Well, as I was saying, I was very ill and was ordered to Buxton for a month, with strict injunctions to do nothing whatever all the while that I was there.
If you are afraid of facing the truth, you'll do nothing.
I was assigned to a spiritual director who instructed me to do nothing for 10 minutes.
For 20 minutes every day, students at a charter school in Detroit sit, close their eyes, and seemingly do nothing.
Or they may claim to believe in something (like the Catholic faith, or the work of the pro-life movement), but they do nothing about it--no evangelization; no activity of any kind to help stop the evil of abortion.
Otherwise, the council has opted to do nothing - which is just fine.
It's no surprise, given this limited menu of options, that the United States has generally chosen to do nothing.
Brad adds, "With the support of friends like Tim (McGraw), we were able to go do nothing with them -- and with their notoriety and all, it really made for good television.