do penance

See: redeem, repent
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The apologies raise important questions about the fundamental ecclesiologies that determine how the church, as church, might repent or do penance for the errors of the past.
In your article "The gift of shame" (NCR, May 14), the author suggested the possibility of bishops wearing millstones rather than pectoral crosses as a sign that they are ready to do penance for the sins of the church.
They wrote: "We call upon our people voluntarily to do penance on Friday by eating less food and by abstaining from meat.
Regan didn't help matters with her explanation: ``I wanted him, and the men who broke my heart and your hearts, to tell the truth, to confess their sins, to do penance and to amend their lives.
Much more needs to be done and so we must persevere and pray and do penance.
If many, like Jean-George Gargaud, a member of the Toulouse parlement, still might thank God for allowing him "to do penance in the pains of a long illness (133)," surgeons were coming to appreciate such suffering differently.
While these "faithful Magdalens" shaped their own ethos under the aegis of the Saint, they also gave legitimacy to lay culture, teaching that men and women in every walk of life could, like her, do penance and perform acts of charity while re maining in the world.
Thus, 'if anyone commits adultery, that is with the wife or betrothed of someone else, or corrupts the virginity of a woman, if a cleric, let him do penance for three years, one of these in bread and water; if a deacon, seven, three of these in bread and water; if a priest, seven years, three in bread and water'.
Until then I will continue to pray and do penance on behalf of the young people so willfully damaged, but it will not be enough.
And only then did she take up her harder message: "It is a fearful thought, that unless we do penance, we will perish.
IN the Catholic sacrament of reconciliation, three conditions must be met for a confession to be valid: The penitent must be truly sorry, must hold back nothing and must be willing to do penance to rectify the situation.
The purpose of the Indulgence, even more than the removal of punishment due our sins, is to lead us to prayer, acts of charity, and acts of penance, so that we may become persons who habitually pray, exercise charity, and do penance.